‘The Death Of The Author’

By Nathaniel Ikyur

Roland Barthes, the famous French literary theorist, in  ‘The Death of the Author’ argued against the conventional interpretative practice of relying on the intentions of an author to explain the “ultimate meaning” of a text.” Barthes emphasized the importance of individual reader’s interpretation of a text, rather than limiting the meaning of the text to, in his words, “definitive meaning” and tying same to the real intent. That in itself defeats what the author may have intended to achieve.

In my 15-paragraph response to the foul language by the APC in Benue State being poured at the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom which I captioned, “Deconstructing The Character of APC Politics in Benue,” I became the subject of uncouth language by a colony of intoxicated bees who were obviously lost in understanding the context of discourse the text was meant to draw attention to. Many came with warped reasoning and called on others to join in crucifying the author. It clearly showed how dumb they are.

Others openly displayed literary ignorance on the political, governance and security issues in Benue State. Some only read the caption where the name of their party or their preferred candidate featured. That again is the colour of Benue politics.

But I am consoled by Barthes’ argument that “the author has no sovereignty over his own words.” And I agree. It now behoves on the reader to interprete same to suit his perception of thoughts, since such is domiciled with the reader who interprets them. So be at liberty to choose how you interpret my commentaries now onwards as we march to the finished line of Governor Ortom’s administration as he hands over to Rt. Hon Titus Uba on May 29th, 2023 at IBB Square, Makurdi before 12 noon.

In God I Trust.

Ikyur is the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Benue State

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