The Most Important Reason To Own A Logo

By Dayo Abiola

In the pursuit of success, humanity has long sought to symbolize achievements. Dating back to medieval times, symbols to represent success were crafted by royalty and nobility, establishing their power and influence. Soon, merchants and entrepreneurs followed suit, seeking validation of originality, integrity, and superiority.

A logo is a meticulously crafted visual testament to a business’s existence, encapsulating the very essence and distinctiveness of the entity it represents. You might say you already know this. What I am about to reveal is the greatest reason for owning a logo. This has remained a secret only a few businesses know and have used it with tremendous results.

Establishing a notable presence amid competition and embodying cherished values are pivotal for businesses seeking their niche. However, does this endeavour exclusively denote the pursuit of success? Certainly not, as most businesses, particularly SMEs, share similar goals to capture customer attention.

So, what’s the greatest reason to own a logo? Perhaps it’s time for a quiet reflection. Why, you ask? Because some truths, even if apparent, warrant a subtle acknowledgement, as shouting them aloud might still result in overlooking their significance. So, why raise your voice?

Success!! Yes, success is the greatest reason to own a logo.

Ultimately, your logo should be more than just a visual representation – it should resonate with your passion and aspirations, for within its design lies the key to unlocking your success story. Success encompasses the influence you exert, the connections you nurture, and the legacy you leave behind. How many businesses truly attain this level of success? Yes, very few, and that’s because they got it right. So, when considering logo ownership, ponder: How ambitious are my aspirations for success?

Dayo Abiola is the Chief Design Officer, at Dayo Abiola Consulting – Nigeria’s foremost logo design company.