December 7, 2022

The Obi-Datti Administration Will Work With Oyo State Government To Revitalize The State’s Economy

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When elected President, Peter Obi’s administration, in partnership with the Oyo State Government, hopes to turn around the state’s economy.

This was revealed on Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 by the Chief Spokesperson of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, Dr. Yunusa Salisu Tanko while addressing the media at the Davies Hotel Ibadan, Oyo State ahead of the Obi-Datti Campaign Rally slated for Wednesday, 23rd November 2022 in Ibadan.

“There is no doubt that Oyo State is strategic in Nigeria and powered by hardworking families from every part of the state who are creative, passionate, and determined.

“Peter Obi is running to be the people’s President who represents the entire country and his plans for the economy will reflect this, Tanko said.

An excerpt is the text of the press briefing:

“It will be recalled that our candidate, Peter Obi, for purposeful and participatory leadership for national rebirth released his seven governance priorities which are:

“1. Securing Nigeria, ending banditry and insurgency; and uniting our dear nation, to manage our diversity such that no one is left behind.

“2. Production-centred growth for food security and export -Moving Nigeria from consumption to production

“3. Restructuring the polity through effective legal and institutional reforms, to fight corruption and enthrone rule of law and all-inclusive and effective government.

“4. Leapfrogging Nigeria from an oil-dependent economy to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) with massive investment in new technologies.

“5. Expanding physical infrastructure – with a focus on critical sectors like power, multi-modal transportation, gas pipeline, etc. – through efficient public-private partnership (PPP) reforms (unleashing growth-enabling entrepreneurship and market-creating innovations).

“6. Youth engagement and human capital development that improves the quality of life of workers and families, and productivity-enhancing education that empowers labour competitiveness.

“7. Robust foreign policy that restores Nigeria’s strategic relevance.

“In explaining further, Peter Obi pledged that his government will secure and unite Nigerians by managing the nation’s diversity to everyone’s advantage without any feeling of marginalization. The pledges include:

“a. Secure and unite our dear nation, to manage our diversity such that no one is left behind in Nigeria.

“b. Move Nigeria from consumption to production.

“c. Embark on comprehensive legal and institutional reforms and practicable restructuring measures, to fight corruption, enthrone rule of law, and an all-inclusive and effective government.

“d. Prioritize Human Capital Development through robust investments in STEM education, health, and infrastructural development, with emphasis on wealth creation, distribution, and sustainable development.

“e. Engineer the transition of Nigeria from fossil fuel dependency to climate and eco-friendly energy use.

“f. Pursue holistic poverty eradication with emphasis on agricultural revolution through effective utilization of our vast arable lands, particularly in Northern Nigeria, and erase Nigeria’s categorization as the poverty capital of the world.

“g. Improve access to finance, Particularly to MSMEs, youths, and women, to significantly reduce unemployment and insecurity.

“h. Ensure that in policy and practice, governance will be made more inclusive, cost-effective, transformative, and less transactional (No more sharing of the national wealth by a few)I. Ensure that our diversity will be leveraged to give women and youths, the aged, and persons with disabilities, an unfettered voice in governance, and a renewed sense of patriotism and faith in Nigeria.

“j. Ensure that Nigeria is progressively better governed through legislative, executive, and judicial reforms so that the Constitutional separation of powers among the three arms of government is properly followed and the three tiers of government are allowed to function independently and jointly for a more inclusive and sustainable Nigeria.

“Obi-Datti government will invest in infrastructure, education, and affordable healthcare in Oyo State. The Obi-Datti administration will drive job creation by providing low-interest credit facilities and support for small businesses to make Oyo State an attractive place to do business, work, and live. His administration will invest in the educational system from primary to secondary and tertiary levels across the country and relieve the burden of high school fees placed upon the students, parents, and guardians.

“Employment is one of the best ways to fight rising crime rates, keep families together and build a stable society.

“The Obi-Datti administration will provide an enabling environment for business so that more jobs can be created, ensure that workers’ salaries are paid as at when due and their rights are protected. Together we will build a new Nigeria where everyone is an important stakeholder. The ObiDatti administration promised to focus on sundry problems as every person in Nigeria has a value and for us to transform our country for the better, we must do it together.

“It is time we return Nigeria to a place where we treat each other with humility and dignity.

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