The Paradigm Shift Of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya On Land Reforms And Administration

By Dr Kabiru Usman Hassan

Land acquisition ownership and management constitute some of the biggest impediments to economic growth and investment opportunity in many developing countries across Africa. In contemporary times land may be rightly called the source of all material wealth. While the economic prosperity of a country is closely linked with the richness of its natural resources, thus, the importance of land to the peaceful co-existence of the greater world can never be over-emphasized nor can it be allowed to be disrupted.

The Gombe State government’s idea of the land reform is to ensure every landholder enjoys the social benefit as well as the economic advantage from proper legal documentation. Issues around land reform and titling in Gombe state has been debated over the years although the desired planning framework and structure for a sustainable planning solution is still lacking in the state.

Hence, this resulted to land mismanagement and misappropriation that has become an unfortunate incidence that distorts our communities, access road, layout design, and other Land uses.

Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has fully supported the systematic land title programs through the primary operations of GOGIS while expecting the revenue generated to support the government activities in the state. The government is surely looking forward to a sustainable reform program the land that will guarantee their title to land and boost their economic potentials.

The Gombe state land reform is aimed at achieving the remodeling of tenure rights and the redistribution of land, in directions consistent with the political imperatives underlying the reform while maintaining a feasible evolutionary policy aimed at improving access and security of tenure for the general public under alternative forms of individual and communal tenure, which do not involve expropriation and compensation.

In the last few years, attention has been drawn to the widespread evil of land mismanagement, distortion of layout design, high handedness, and conversion of land uses into other forms without due process and appropriate approval.

Therefore, to put Gombe state on the part of sustainable development and long term prosperity while maintaining the integrity and value of land in the state the Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya’s led administration after due consultation deems it fit to take a holistic approach and provide profitable changes with regards to Land Reform in the state.

However, it is increasingly clear that the dangers of land misappropriation have become progressively more serious as the influence is generating an increased form of acceptance by some general public, thereby accommodating it as a legitimate way of land transaction which in-turn put undue pressure on the side of the government.

Land matters can be very sensitive in economic growth; a lot of things can go wrong if we don’t get it right. Therefore, since Land reform involves the changing of laws, regulations, or customs regarding land ownership it usually comes with its consequence and alters the power structure both economic and political. However, in the last couple of weeks, a lot of development has happened where there is a lot of focus and highlight on land reform in Gombe state.

Consequently, in a bit to improve work efficiency, productivity, and overall output of the state civil servant in the ministry of land and survey the state government in its wisdom inaugurate a committee on land reform and after going through the committee report decided to make a successful re-shufflement, rotations and as well provide changes that will guarantee the compositional and organizational structure of the ministry.

While this reform is common in the civil service system it has been done to achieve a vigorous objective and a suitable check-and-balance. This has come at a crucial time when the civil servant needs to create a new perception as well as imbibe the culture of change.

There is empirical evidence in the state that the reform has started yielding positive result because the Gombe state government through GOGIS has commenced the issuance of the newly design certificate of occupancy to property owners across the state, we as well encourage the general public to obtain their digital CoO as the new certificate will put an end to LAND RACKETEERING and FORGE-RING and it will also boost the internal revenue of the state.

Civil servant constitutes the bedrock of the economy, although this popular believe appears to be losing faith in itself

Governor Muhammadu inuwa Yahaya’s conviction in the service is unshaken and promises to restore the belief and confidence in the system. It is often said that a reform civil service will symbolize efficiency, productivity, incorruptibility, ensure value for money, and performance management system.

This will be our driven force in having a desire for a productive civil service and a knowledge-based service. The reform is expected to provide an avenue for a strong desire among the staff to improve their capability and opportunity.

As professionals in the field of town planning and stakeholders on land matters in the state, it is our collective responsibility to affirm and engage in the rules that govern land matters and anything attached to it, such as trees or buildings, or anything in it, e.g. treasure or oil. We are in charge of the task of fighting and defending disputes over land matters, such as rights of way and boundary issues.

We hope this reform can provide a strong desire among the civil servants to improve their capability and opportunities to work hard while expecting the narrative to change for the good they are also expected to fully task and adopt the global best practice.

Kabiru Usman Hassan, Phd Is The Director-General, Gombe Geographic Information System (GOGIS)

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