The Primus Interperes Prophet Of Our Time, Evang. Chukwuebuka Obi

By HRM Eze Dr. Goodluck Obi (JP)

What you need to know about the man of God, the Primus interperes Prophet of our Time, Evang. Chukwuebuka Obi

He is an author, teacher, prophet, singer, and evangelist from Nigeria. He is the founder and spiritual leader of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach, a non-denominational ministry with over 170 branches worldwide that was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. He was born as a twin into the devout Roman Catholic family of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Obi of Ubulu-Ihejifor in Oru-West L.G.A, Imo State, Nigeria.

Evangelist Ebuka Obi founded the Seraphic Home Foundation, which provides a haven for the underprivileged, including widows, widowers, orphans, sick, mentally ill, impoverished, and homeless people. Seraphic Hospital is a state-of-the-art medical facility in Lagos, Nigeria, where patients from all walks of life receive excellent medical care from highly qualified, experienced, and committed medical professionals. In addition, he founded Seraphic Water, a table water company that meticulously purifies water to hydrate and refresh thousands of people worldwide. Countless testimonies of supernatural healing, deliverance, and restoration occur when this water is applied or drunk with faith. These testimonies are documented daily.

Dynamic Yahweh minister Evang Ebuka Obi, who began prophesying at the age of eight, attracted people from all over the world to his Father’s compound in quest of him. Later, the Late Fr. Luke Odikaemerem of the Catholic Diocese of Orlu found him and developed him spiritually. Following his studies, he left for Lagos in search of more favourable circumstances that would better serve him as a young man. Despite his success in the cable industry, where he had served as an apprentice, the Holy Spirit’s fire within him continued to burn.

He had the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon him when he heard a voice resound in his ears one morning, telling him to close his business and devote himself to full-time evangelism. It was difficult for him to follow this advice because his family was not supportive. Finally, it materialized, and Zion Prayer Movement Outreach was established.

He has fervently instructed Christians all over the world over the years on how to apply the fundamentals of faith found in God’s word to their daily lives, and God has been amply confirming his teachings with amazing miracles. By divine providence, his prophesies come true with immediate and lasting solutions. His ministries are marked by redemption, deliverance, healing, miracles, wonders, uncommon demonstrations, and manifestations of the raw power of the Holy Ghost.

Loved by many as “John the Baptist of our time” for his unselfish dedication to God’s work, which was tempered by a consecrated lifestyle, fasting, prayer, study, and unrelenting proclamation of the unadulterated word of God, He now operates with an “all-round gifts” of the Holy Spirit, a rare grace in this generation, because of his passionate fellowship and constant exposure to the Spirit.

Millions of people worldwide celebrate and participate in 100 Days of Prayers, an annual fasting and prayer campaign, coordinated by Evang Ebuka Obi. Night of Open Heaven is a daily online prayer programme. Holyghost Court is a Family Reconciliation Initiative. Effective Prayers For Uncommon Miracles is another book he wrote. He has been steadfast in following this mandate since he is enthusiastic about freeing folks from the enemy’s grasp and placing them in their divine destinies. He performs these and many other acts of tirelessly bringing people from the reign of darkness into the wonderful light of Christ, all without charge or regard to denomination; this is in line with Matthew 10:8, which states, “Freely we have received, freely give.”

Before ascending to glory at the appropriate moment, this meek servant of Yahweh is committed to winning one billion hearts to Christ.

HRM Eze Dr. Goodluck Obi (JP) is the OFO UBULUIHEJIOFO Ancient Kingdom Oru West Local Government Area Imo State.