The Richard Nomkpo’s Vision For A Prosperous Kwande Local Government

In the heart of Nigeria lies Benue State, a territory blessed with abundant mineral resources yet grappling with developmental challenges. Among its many local government areas, Kwande stands out for its rich mineral deposits, resource persons and untapped potential.

But hope is not completely lost as efforts by the Governor, His Excellency Rev. Fr. Dr Hyacinth Iormem Alia government tireless efforts are to be injected into the governance of the local government council when Hon. Richard Imoter Nomkpo is elected as its Chairman.

Aware that the Benue State Independent Electoral Commission (BSIEC) has rolled out plans to conduct local council elections across the 23 local government areas, this aspirant stands tall among others who are jostling for the same position.

To administer this resource-endowed area, there is every need for transformative leadership that will harness these riches for sustainable development. This is a sure way of lifting the vast majority out of the debilitating poverty that has almost engulfed its population.

Hon. Nomkpo’s administration promises to usher in a new era of governance marked by strategic planning, community engagement, and economic empowerment. At the core of his vision lies the recognition of Kwande’s untapped mineral wealth as a catalyst for socio-economic progress. With minerals like gold, lithium, clay, hydro-power potentials, an array of agro-based produce and a committed forward-looking population, Hon. Nomkpo aims to leverage these resources to drive an enduring reservoir of human capital development, economic development and job creation.

One of the key pillars of Hon. Nomkpo’s administration is going to be responsible for resource management. He plans to establish transparent and accountable mechanisms for the exploration and exploitation of minerals, ensuring that local communities benefit from their natural endowments and the wealth so generated therefrom. By fostering partnerships with private investors and regulatory agencies, Hon. Nomkpo aims to attract responsible mining operations that prioritize environmental sustainability and community development based on a template of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) to be developed.

Furthermore, Hon. Nomkpo has repeatedly emphasised the importance of infrastructure development in unlocking Kwande’s potential. He envisions strategic investments in key areas under the purview of the council as well as works hand-in-hand with the state government to attract or rather, site infrastructural projects in Kwande. Improved connectivity will not only attract investors but also enhance access to markets, education, and healthcare for the people of Kwande.

As Kwande has come to grapple with the insecurity monster, Hon. Nomkpo hopes to establish a well-coordinated system where early warning signs will be collated and attended to expeditiously. This aims at giving the people the right atmosphere to go about their farming activities and other legitimate businesses. Good enough, His Excellency Governor Alia has laid a solid foundation to be built upon in this aspect.*

Central to Hon. Nomkpo’s approach is community engagement and empowerment. He plans to work closely with traditional leaders, local authorities, youth groups, trade unions, women groups, activists and other gatekeepers at that level to ensure that the dividends of democracy and its direct benefits are tailored in a manner that ensures equitable distribution.

Through capacity-building programs, vocational training, and entrepreneurship initiatives, Hon. Nomkpo aims to stimulate youth and women’s participation in agricultural value-chain activities.

In addition to economic development, as a Geographer, Hon. Nomkpo is committed to environmental protection and sustainable land use practices as part of his efforts to galvanise the support needed to either mitigate or adapt to the menace of climate change. By promoting reforestation, land reclamation, and biodiversity conservation, Hon. Nomkpo’s standard is to preserve Kwande’s natural heritage for future generations as well as place them indelibly on the global stage.

He is an advocate for the implementation of robust regulatory frameworks to mitigate the adverse impacts of revenue leakages.

Sports is one area that Kwande was well renowned for. Such activities are now yielding only marginal results due to a lack of attention. He promises to refocus this industry and identify, nurture, polish and even export such exceptionally talented sportsmen and women.

Nomkpo’s administration also hopes to prioritize social welfare and inclusive governance. He pledges to prioritize investments in education, healthcare, and social amenities to improve the quality of life for all residents of Kwande. By fostering a culture of transparency, inclusivity, and accountability, Hon. Nomkpo aims to restore public trust in government institutions and promote civic participation.

As a seasoned team player, Hon.Nomkpo has already advanced plans to leverage on technology for efficient service delivery and data-driven decision-making. He plans to establish a digital platform for citizen engagement, feedback mechanisms, and grievance redressal, ensuring that the voices of the people are heard and their needs addressed.

In conclusion, Hon. Nomkpo’s administration holds the promise of a completely transformed leadership for Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State. By harnessing the local resources, mobilising for growth and harvesting opportunities optimally, Hon. Nomkpo emblematize a coordinated dream to drive sustainable development, empower communities, culture of selfless service to humanity and build a prosperous future for all. With strategic planning, community engagement, and a commitment to good governance, Kwande stands poised to realize its full potential under Hon. Nomkpo’s visionary leadership posture.

This is the shared dream for an assured mutual prosperity of the people at this level. The holder is none other than our very own Hon. Nomkpo, a tested, trusted and result-oriented personality.

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