The Three Rare Gems Of Our Time; A Reflection Of Nigeria Of Our Dream

By Abdulazeez Taufeeq

Nigeria has been a country with successful leaders which possess good leading traits and skills. Indeed they were leaders in leadership. Leaders with credible economic value, good social interactions and accountabilities.

However, these went into extinction as result of god fatherism ,ethnicity, religious, and language differences and the likes. Many Nigeria are lost in the night mare of good leadership because of the levels of it destruction.

Fortunately, the traits of the past leaders who were occupied with the ideology of “hardmen” that sacrificed their lives, healths and feelings for their cattles can be said to have been regained with the three rare gems of our time.

These trios are leaders that give not to take, that serve not to be served, that are just in their leadership irrespective of their ethnicity, religious and language differences. This is enough as a proof for the rebirth of good leadership in Nigeria.

Hence, I will not hesitate to list the three gems of our time in person of his executive Governor of Borno State Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum, the Honorable Minister of Communication and Digital Economy Dr. Isa Ali Pantami and the former Executive Governor of State of Osun and currently Honorable minister of Interior Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola who answer to the call of serving their father land with the mindsets of having better Nigeria.

Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum, a leader who stand for his people even with his last drop of blood. He personally inspects checkpoints for his people to be secured. He is a man that believed in a threat free community, a society that people can sleep peacefully.

A man whose mindset is free of ethnic prejudice, religious intolerance and language superiority. He has displayed this trait with an example of an Igbo woman who has been a teacher for several years without been promoted and was promoted as assistant to the head of the school and compensated by the current executive governor of the state.

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is an educated leader that want his people to be educated. When he was the governor, he provided medium for peaceful and comfortable environment for learning. He introduced modern technology to standardized their education by providing then with iPads which was the first government school with the standard of privately school and provision of equip laboratory for science students for proper learning.

Dr. Isa Ali Pantami is a leader who takes all to be one in playing justice in his leadership irrespective of the zones and States. When he was the Director General (DG) of National Information Technology and Digital Agency (NITDA) he planted different headquarters in all 36 States and numerous units in different institutions of the country and General Headquarter in Federal Capital territory (FCT) Abuja for the benefits of the masses.

Currently as the Honorable Minister of Communication and Digital economy whose intention is to digitalized the country in cybervsecurity, advancing and improving the standard of the country to compete with digital world.

Also, apart from placing their followers first in discharge of duties as their unique behaviour, they have regard for one another and take their talk crucial because they know-how that it count on their image.

The glee derived from carrying out their duties serves as vroom and impetus quality on their administration. Therefore they are not only carrying out their duties but also motivating and mentoring millions of people.

These are leader that educate those willing and encourage those that are not willing, intervene their problems by providing solution for their betterment and survivability thus serve as their own goal.

Apparently, they are leaders who led by example whose place their followers problems first, face and fight it. They stoop so low to the level of interacting with the lowest of their people to know and solve their immediate problem and proofing their leadership under their governance to individual in having the dividends of democracy.

All in all, the ability to strive for excellence in exercising their duties has been the identity of their identifications which give hope to Nigerian with the mindset of “Nigeria go better” that is, a time will come to see the Nigeria of our dream.

To this end, they have been identified within and outside the country for their good governance ; Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum has been awarded the best governor of year 2020.
Honourable Minister of Communications, Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami was singled out for recognition by the Centre for Cyber Awareness and Development (CECAD) organizers of the Africa Digital Heroes Award, who conferred him with the ICT Industry Hero Award 2019.

Former Executive Governor of State of Osun and currently Honorable minister of Interior Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has been invested with the award of Nigeria’s Governor of the year in Education by African Education Monitor Magazine in 2016.

Their bygone was remarkable, and their present is a green light for the future.

ABDULAZEEZ TAUFEEQ (MNIM) is a researcher, Freelance writer, Animal Production professional. Email: abdulazeeztaufeeq@gmail.com

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