Thoughts On Positive Thinking

By Sunny Ozi-Akande


I congratulate you for making it to the new year.

Last night, being the last day of the year, I reflected on my PAST, examined all my experiences, and during the crossover program into the new year, I resolved to pick only the lessons of my PAST and then Let go, Forgive and Move on.

In this New year, I have resolved to enter with A New Mindset, what about you ?

Do you know that Nothing in your PAST is actually useful other than the lesson in it ?
..Then why hold on to the PAST ? ????????‍♂️

The PAST has no prospect
The PAST in itself has no prospect, so, as you step on to the new year, your first resolution should be, never to look too seriously at..

~Where you’ve been
~What you’ve been through
~The mistakes you’ve made
~Who failed you
~What made you fall
~All the unfortunate circumstances you may have been a victim of

Often times the few moments taken to identify the needed lesson is the only valuable time you can ever get from your PAST and nothing more !

In most cases, the time taken to dwell on the memories of your PAST amount to nothing but a waste because No amount of time spent on the PAST has ever changed anything !

~It has passed
~It has belonged to the past
~It has gone !

Sad memories of your Loss, Sour Experience with people, past Failures and Mistakes are rather toxic and can actually hold down your progress, so, let go !

# Such memories attract doubts, hopelessness and helplessness.
~They make you lose confidence in people
~They make you lose confidence in yourself
~They make you feel you may hardly be better
~They kill the spirit of ‘I can do it’ in you

# Rather than not forgive those that hurt you, why not simply note your lessons, Forgive them and move ahead to relate with their positive side, bearing in mind that the Sad Memories of those you begrudge, tend to make you forsake them, thus pushing you to make more mistakes of your life

# Your past failures inject fears in you
~They attract fresh mistakes
~Everyone becomes a suspect
~Every venture looks risky
~Everywhere becomes unsafe
~They make you live in apprehension
~Your reasoning gets retarded
~You eventually get stagnated

Your PAST experience would always be the way it was and no man can change it !

You don’t have any capacity to change the past, so why worry about it ? ????

Forget the PAST and move on !

Are you wondering how to recover from the loss of your PAST ?
In this first day of the year, All you need to have, among others, are..

~Positive mindset
~’I can do it’ spirit
~Self confidence
~Little or no apprehension
~Strong will

Dwelling in your PAST amounts to living in regrets.
Living in regrets is cancerous to your progress because, The more you look back, the less you’re likely to move ahead successfully

Moving forward can only be faster once you’re able to let go of your past, so make up your mind in this new year to let go !

Let go.. !
Exermine your PAST…
~Forgive those that hurt you
~Close your eyes to their negative side
~Relate with their positive side

Move on.. !
~Stop dweling on your past mistakes
~Reinvent yourself with a new mindset

In this New year, let us roll with a new mindset..

Be careful with everyone that identifies Negativity in everything..

Think Positive as you commit your ways to God !