Thoughts On Positive Thinking

By Sunny Ozi-Akande

The role of our REACTIONS in our Peace of mind and our Pains

Oftentimes, the effects of our challenges are determined by our reactions.
Our pains are often aggravated by the way we react to issues that come our way.

When things go wrong, the extent of pain that comes with it is often, not necessarily determined by what went wrong, but rather, by the way we react to it

A self-witnessed true-life story

A boy was dating a girl without knowing that her course mate who he often sees around the girl was her suitor.

One day, the boy was with the girl in his hostel room only to start hearing loud bangs on his window and when he stepped out to check what was going on, he found that it was the said suitor.

“Good evening my friend, Why are you banging my window please ?” The boy asked.

“Oh you snatched my girlfriend and have the gut to come and challenge me again ?” The suitor exclaimed.

“So sorry about that please, I never knew she was your girlfriend” ..said the boy.

“What ??? Don’t lie to me here or else..!”

The guy kept fuming in anger and before the boy could explain further, the guy gave the boy a very dirty slap !!!

“But why this slap.. ?” The boy asked calmly without attempting to fight back.

“If you don’t be careful I’ll give you another slap” the guy yelled.

Surprisingly, at this point, the boy simply walked away, saying; “Thanks for the slap”

All the while, unknown to both of them, a senior lecturer who happened to be a member of the school disciplinary committee, was standing very close by and witnessed the entire scene.

They were both summoned by the disciplinary committee and the case was decided as follows:

The guy (the suitor) was expelled from the school after having simply been adjudged as a criminal who wouldn’t respect the rules and regulations of the school for his violent behavior.

On the other hand, the other boy was addressed as follows:

For taking a slap and walking away without attempting to fight back shows you’re a complete gentleman who wouldn’t like to break the rules and regulations of the school. Go and continue to be of good conduct while please focus on your studies without distractions.

As for me, I learned a lot from the above story.

Similar live stories and experiences that illustrate the role of our reactions in our joy and peace of mind abound.

Over time, I have come to understand that..
~I don’t have to react always
~Talking less makes me no less
~There is power in silence

The ember period of every year is often characterized by heavy Activities, Noise, and Issues…

In this ember period, I have chosen to watch my reactions to issues as always.
What about you ?