Threats To Lives: Okechukwu Wokocha Family Sends SOS To AIG Zone 9

……How natural inheritance ruined Wokocha’s family relationship

The Okechukwu Wokocha and family have sent a Save Our Soul (SOS) message to the AIG, Zone 9 Umuahia, Nigeria Police Force, Umuahia, Abia State, against criminal conspiracy and trespass, conduct likely to cause a breach of the public peace, false allegations, threatening violence, and threats to the lives of Okechukwu Wokocha, Chinedu Wokocha, Nnamdi Wokocha, Chinjiuba Wokocha, Obodoukwu Wokocha, Alex Wokocha, Chinyeaka Wokocha, and Chief Mrs Polina Wokocha against Bright N. Wokocha, Chinonyerem M. Wokocha, Stanley N. Wokocha, and their cohorts.

In a petition from Emeka Nnaji & Associates signed by Jehu P. Nwangwa, Esq., on behalf of the Okechukwu Wokocha family, he called on the AIG Zone 9 to promptly intervene, investigate, and take action to save the lives of its clients (the Okechukwu Wokocha family) from imminent danger.

According to the petition, the once peaceful and cordial state of affairs between the two families immediately turned sour when their late uncle, Deacon Walter Wokocha, died a few years ago, as the suspects (Bright N. Wokocha, Chinonyerem M. Wokocha, and Stanley N. Wokocha) became hostile and declared a code war against the Okechukwu Wokocha family without any justifiable reasons.

The petition read partially, “Our clients, on seeing the new attitude of the suspects, had to respect themselves and avoid anything that would lead to a misunderstanding between the two families by all means.

“The suspects, seeing that their plans to lure our client into any battle with them had failed, finally resorted to trespassing into our clients’ land called UKWI AKILU,” located in their backyard, which is our clients’ natural inheritance from their late father. The suspects made the move some years after their deaths but were cautioned by other members of the family who were conversant with the history of the family land that had already been equally partitioned to the late father and partitioned to various families, with some portion,

“To our client’s utmost chagrin, the suspect, after more than 3 years, came back again to encroach and trespass further into our clients, threatening that they must achieve their evil plans on the property, and this time around they openly told our clients that they would definitely wipe out the entire family, using their cult plans by all means. They are on 22/03/2024 boys, and nothing on earth can stop them from achieving their target of taking our clients’ land by all means (which is on record), the suspects.

“That the suspects who are related to Senator Nkechi J. Nwaogu PHD, CON by blood, have further threatened that they have concluded plans with their sister, who is connected, to eliminate our client with the help of the Nigerian Police Force and other law enforcement agencies. By labelling our clients as kidnappers, terrorists, and IPOB members who are currently causing mayhem within the south-eastern region, they have on many occasions boasted that they will ensure that the entire family of late Chief Lazarus O. Wokocha is wiped out and all our clients will die a painful death. Hence, the reason for this petition, sir, is for your kind immediate intervention in protecting and safeguarding the lives of our client, who is currently in imminent danger. Especially going with their plans of labelling our clients’ kidnappers, terrorists, and IPOB members, which are weighty crimes or allegations the government does not treat with a solid hand.

“That what is more worrisome is the fact that our clients, ever since the suspects, who are very notorious for the nefarious activities within the village and outside, on several occasions have been getting calls from strange numbers warning them to be very careful with the suspects if they love their lives, and one of our clients was trailed by a car with tinted glasses on April 2, 2024, and narrowly escaped by dumping his car along the road to his house while running for his dear life. When he came off the bus, a passer-by who saw what happened told him to go and thank his God and be very careful, as the men inside the car were angry that he had escaped and vowed that he would do so next time. It is in the face of all these ugly developments that we plead that you intervene and will not be lucky enough to save the lives of our clients, as this life has no duplicate. Moreso, the suspects, who are so connected, have been boasting about how they will use their financial strength, connections, and contacts to deal with our clients.

The petitioner (the Okechukwu Wokocha family) called on the Nigeria Police to intervene in the matter by looking into the petition, investigating, arresting the suspects, and consequently prosecuting the suspects for these crimes so that the law can have its full course and save the lives of the Okechukwu Wokocha family from imminent danger.

Efforts to reach the suspects (Bright N. Wokocha, Chinonyerem M. Wokocha, Stanley N. Wokocha) at press time proved abortive.

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