Transition Committee Decries Mass Recruitment, Says Illegal Actions Won’t Stand

The Ademola Adeleke Transition Committee has condemned in unequivocal terms the last-minute mass recruitment embarked upon by the Oyetola administration, describing the panicky hiring of personnel as “a deliberate ploy to expand payroll and financially cripple incoming government.

Responding to plans for workers’ recruitment and contract awards, Chairman, Media Sub-Committee, Ademola Adeleke Transition Committee, Mallam Olawale Rasheed said that the committee expressed shock and dismay at the undisguised push of the outgoing Governor to further complicate the poor state of Osun economy due to his deep-seated anger and desire to punish Osun people for voting him out of office.

The Committee noted that in the last two months, Oyetola has illegally employed thousands of personnel without consideration for the state’s capacity to pay and without any workforce planning, leading to governance driven by vendetta and desire to run the state aground.

“As a freshly elected Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke has a well-studied plan to fill the manpower gap within the educational sector and other areas of needs within the state without further complicating the already troubled workforce and over-bloated remuneration space. A tested scheme is already in place to bridge the workforce gap within the educational sector and a proper financial analysis has been concluded to address the knotty question of workers’ pay and entitlements.

“The plan to illegally recruit thousands of teachers and O-Yes personnel is, therefore, another evil agenda designed to disrupt the incoming Governor’s agenda to normalize Osun finances and restore the dignity of labour through regular payment of salaries, gratuities and pensions. This move is neither altruistic nor a patriotic rendering of service.

“The goal is to deepen financing gridlock, plunge Osun workers into another era of pain and hardship and perpetually place the workforce in poverty and the state in under-development. As an incoming Governor with a popular mandate, Senator Ademola Adeleke will not allow the inhuman agenda of Governor Oyetola to prevail on the Osun people.

” It is on this note that we call on Osun people to beware of involvement in politically motivated employment process that won’t stand the test of time. We urge job seekers and all other stakeholders to distance themselves from this desperate ploy as any illegal recruitment won’t be recognised by the incoming government.

“As we have noted in several statements, any bureaucrat who aids and abets the several illegalities being cooked up and executed by the outgoing government will be held to account. Illegal disposal of government assets, fraudulent contract payments, scamming disposal of government assets, illegal recruitment, unconstitutional conduct of council elections and others will also be sternly revisited after November 28th. His Excellency’s vow to Osun people to deliver on good governance remains sacrosanct”, the statement concluded.

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