Turkey Meets Africa Investment Forum: Focusing On Investment Opportunities In Northern Nigeria

The Northern Nigeria has lots of untapped business opportunities as the area has huge potentials for business growth as a result of the large landmass as well as huge population.

It is because of this that the PR Times Africa, a public relations, media and communications consultancy has gone in the cause of rewriting the narratives about Africa, to give a more positive slant to stories about Africa, changing the focus of international media on the negatives about our dynamic continent of 54 countries and 1billion people.

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It is a widely accepted fact that Africa is the new frontier of development in the world today with Nigeria being Africa’s largest economy and most populous country being a major reservoir of the many opportunities in the continent.

Northern Nigeria is a dynamic region with massive opportunities for a range of economic activities, though the region has been in the news for negative reasons which tend to ignore the opportunities waiting to be tapped.

Nigeria for years had come to depend on the export of crude oil to run government activities, while allowing the many other opportunities in the economy go to waste. This has made the national and sub-national governments to rely on the international prices of crude oil for their expenditure with revenue being unstable as oil prices fluctuate.

The Buhari administration has made the diversification of the Nigerian economy the primary thrust of its policy direction, pushing for improvement of key ease of doing business indices to drive investment towards real productive activities that would engage the teeming youth of the country, while tackling corruption.

The economy has been going through various stresses of adjustment and is in need of more investment to stimulate production that would provide employment for the youth and diversify the revenue base of government at all levels.

The “Turkey Meets Africa Investment Forum: Focus on Investment Opportunities in Northern Nigeria”, is a platform for engagement among stakeholders from northern Nigeria and Turkey, to promote business-to-business and people-to-people relations between both countries.

The goal is to promote Northern Nigeria putting the opportunities in the region in the spotlight to the world to attract investments, beginning with Turkey as a country that shares a lot with the people of the north in terms of culture.

The Investment Forum will open up the northern region to investors from Turkey and other nations by presenting the opportunities in the region to potential partners and investors. The forum will boost Nigeria’s quest for tapping the opportunities in the country while presenting the country’s ease of doing business credentials to an international audience.
The project is intended to create a platform for engagement between entrepreneurs from Northern Nigeria and Turkey, including relevant government institutions and agencies along that would facilitate the process of consummating business relations between both countries both at national and sub-national level.

The success of the project requires engagement among all the relevant stakeholders from the Nigerian and Turkish sides and securing key concessions and commitments from the government of both countries to ensure that concrete investments result from this programme.

The objectives includes but not limited to;
1. Securing measurable commitments from the 19 northern states that they are open for business.
2. Exposing SMEs in northern Nigeria to investment and partnership opportunities in Turkey.
3. Providing a platform for Investment Promotion Agencies at the Federal and state levels to engage Turkish investors on their challenges investing in Nigeria as well as enlighten them on incentives in their domains.
4. Changing the narratives about northern Nigeria by spotlighting the opportunities in the region and the focus of the various state governments and the federal government in exploiting opportunities.

Expected Programme Outputs
1. Publication of a special report on opportunities in northern Nigeria.
2. Building consciousness in the public space on the need to facilitate foreign investment in northern Nigeria.
3. To consumate partnerships with Turkish businesses.

While the Goals are;
1. Securing participation of the 19northern states in the programme.
2. Securing participation of businesses from the Turkish side.
3. Securing participation of businesses in Nigeria.

The major key Stakeholders are;

• Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
• Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)
• Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN)
• Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)
• Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) 
• Bank of Industry (BOI) 
• Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) 
• Nigerian Incentives and Risk Sharing Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) 
• Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) 
• State Internal Revenue Organizations
• State Investment Promotion Organizations

While that target sponsors are;
 Azman Air
 Max Air

As the event kicks off in March 2021, it will be the beginning of a dynamic relationship between Nigeria and Turkey, by projecting opportunities in Northern Nigeria, with a special focus on spotlighting entrepreneurs from the region to their counterparts and investors from Turkey.