Ungrateful Godwin Obaseki

By Dr Chidozie Awuzie

It is often said that it is a sin to render help to an ungrateful person. I never believed this to be true until today.

Reading through the sponsored advert on newspapers by the Edo state governor Godwin Obaseki against his benefactor Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, I am short of words that a mam who was cast out by his party the APC in 2020 when he sought for re-election and he had nowhere else to go but to run for succour from Governor Nyesom Wike is the same man who is today sponsoring media attacks against the same man who saved him from the rain alongside his deputy and gave them umbrellas.

Now it begins to make sense why the former Party chairman of the APC Adams Oshiomole stood vehemently against the re-election bid of Governor Godwin Obaseki. A man who is filled with ingratitude. A disrespecter of all forms of rule of law.

I remember a conversation between me and Comrade Peter Esele when Governor Obaseki defected. He said , “I am not worried that he would win again with the help of Governor Wike but I am worried that he will destroy the fabrics of PDP in Edo state and if possible in the entire south south if he is allowed to win again”.

Alas , he was right about the destructive character of the man Governor Godwin Obaseki.
In a separate interview on TV during the campaigns , former Governor Ayodele Peter Fayose voiced out his opinions about the PDP accepting someone like Governor Godwin Obaseki into its fold and warned that one day he would turn his back on all those who have helped him and so it is happening now.
Governor Godwin Obaseki in his publication alleged that Governor Nyesom Wike wants to make the PDP his private property.

If he knew that the PDP was not anyone’s private property, why didn’t he go to others when he was looking for a platform to run for re-election? Why was his first reaction to run to Rivers state to seek for help from Governor Nyesom Wike?

Whereas Governor Wike as soon as he became Governor with his deputy hit the ground running and made his cabinet appointments within the required time as a democratic government, Governor Godwin Obaseki spent an entire year before appointing ONLY 12 commissioners.

Governor Nyesom Wike alongside his deputy Dr Mrs Ipalibo Banigo operates a government that has complete House of Assembly members. Can Governor Godwin Obaseki boast of same in Edo state?

Given these two simple facts, who runs which state or party in each state as a personal property? Governor Godwin Obaseki of course.
This is nearly his 6th year in office as Executive Governor of Edo state, can Governor Obaseki boast of any landmark project he has ever commissioned?

Can the level of security enjoyed in Rivers state be boasted of in Edo state?

Governor Godwin Obaseki should hide his head in shame as he thinks clearly that Edo state is his personal company Afri- Invest.

Instead of sponsoring media attacks against Governor Wike of Rivers State, Governor Godwin Obaseki should rather bow his head in shame and weep for failing both his former Party APC and his current party PDP for failing to deliver the dividends of Democracy to the people of Edo State.

Dr Chidozie Awuzie writes from Abuja and can be reached via email: Cepejspm@gmail.com