March 21, 2023

Use Your Office To Reform The Police, Says CSP Adejobi To PPROs

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The Force Public Relations Officer Force Headquarters CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi has called on Police Public Relations Officers to use their offices to reform the Nigeria Police.

On the third day of the PPROs’ Conference on Wednesday in Ibadan, where he spoke on “Police Reform and the Role of Strategic Communication,” CSP Adejobi stated that Police Public Relations Officers must be in charge and professional in their daily duties.

“You have to look inward to assist the Police. You must be up and doing as PPROs, Adejobi said.

He also tasked the spokespersons to champion reform initiatives in their various Commands and urged them to work collaboratively with the media to create a harmonious partnership.

On his part, Dr. Monday Asibagun took the PPROs’ on “perception and new media”.

He taught them what makes a brand, the value placed on the brand, paying for competence, and types of perception such as Physiology, past experiences, culture, and present feelings.

Mr. Bimbola Alagbe, the final resource person, took the PPROs through a topic called “Police Public Relations: Building a Theory of Change”. The lecture focuses on the Police Act 2020.

He said that the general objective of the new Act is to provide an effective police service that is based on the principles of accountability and transparency, protection of human rights, and partnership with other security agencies.
In achieving this objective, the Act did not only improve on the provisions of the erstwhile Act, but it also has its novel provisions.

Another important improvement on the old Police Act that came with the New Act is Section 4 of the New Act which has extended the duties of the Nigeria Police beyond detection and prevention of crimes and protection of rights, lives, and properties, maintenance of public safety, law and order; and the enforcement of laws and regulations to include collaborating with agencies to assist persons in distress, victims of road accidents, fire disasters, earthquakes, and flood, facilitating the free passage and movement on the highways, roads, and streets open to the public and adoption community partnership.

The Nigeria Police Force also now must vet and approve the registration of private detective schools and private investigation outfits.

The event came to an end with the participants forming 6 syndicates with a presentation from each group on pre-election, election, and posts election security management and harmonization of all solutions profound.

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