We Are Not A Party Of Violence, Delta PDP Tells Nwaoboshi

The Delta State PDP has lampooned Chief Peter Nwaoboshi, the present Senator representing Delta North Senatorial Zone in the National Assembly, over his boast to defeat PDP in Delta State by any means possible, including violence, in the next general elections, describing it as attention-seeking rabble, from a failed politician who knows he has nothing else to offer.

Reacting to Chief Nwaoboshi’s comments, made while congratulating the newly sworn-in APC Exco in the State, Delta State PDP Publicity Secretary, Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza, in a Press Statement, reminded the Delta North Senator that his present mandate in the National Assembly, is by the grace of the PDP and he had since outlived his usefulness and had become an embarrassing liability, with his calculated and dubious anti-party actions and comments, even long before he shamelessly decamped to the APC.

Dr. Osuoza’s statement reads: “Our attention has been drawn to comments credited to Chief Peter Nwaoboshi, a former State Chairman of our party and former Senator of the PDP, which was reported in several media thus: ‘There’s no rigging plan that I don’t know. The battle has started. It’s total war. Not the war involving the use of firearms; but they will have themselves to blame should they try that’.

“We have no reason to doubt that such comments were uttered by Chief Nwaoboshi, as they are not remarkably different from his typically verbose and puerile utterings, in his futility to discredit the PDP, since he jumped into the sinking APC boat, in the assumed hope of temporarily escaping the looming indictment of an already done and dusted forensic audit report.

“Indeed, Chief Nwaoboshi had already outlived his usefulness to the PDP and had become an embarrassing liability to the party with his anti-party actions and posturings, right from the very commencement of the 9th Senate when, like a traitor without any iota of political integrity, proudly and in the public glare, became an outstanding turncoat and shameless fifth columnist in the election of the new Senate President.

“We are even surprised that a politician who has achieved all his political fortunes under the steady umbrella of the PDP, will be making comments suggesting rigging and violence. Ironically, we do not recall any extraordinary incidences of rigging and violence in the two Senatorial elections which Senator Nwaoboshi won under the PDP, or is he now confessing to the world that he achieved his Senatorial election victories by violence and rigging? What a shameless man, cutting his nose to spite his face.

“Peter Nwaoboshi knows that the PDP is not a party of violence and we have no reason to rig any election because the PDP is the most popular, the most organized, the most prepared, and the most beloved party of Deltans, comprehensively accepted and unanimously embraced across the length and breadth, nooks and crannies of the entire Delta State.

“It is a political truism that when you are very popular and win elections by landslides, your detractors quickly console themselves by jumping to conclusions that there was rigging. That has been the lot of the opposition in Delta State, in all the forms and nomenclatures they have manifested, to contest in every election cycle.

“We want to emphatically remind Mr. Nwaoboshi and indeed all those beating that drum of stubbornness for him, of what happened to the stubborn fly that refused to listen to good advise, and to assure him that no matter what rigging, violence or even judicial abracadabra the APC is plotting and planning, the PDP is already primed once again, to coast home to victory in 2023 and nothing can stop what has already been destined.

“As for Nwaoboshi, on a personal note, we want to tell him categorically that PDP made him who he is politically, and a politician can never be greater than his maker, for, like that proverb which he knows so well, the Okro (AKA: Abelmoschus esculentus, in case you didn’t know), can never be taller than the person who planted it. The PDP will always bend him to size effortlessly and cut him off without any qualms or stress at all, and there’s absolutely nothing he can do about it.

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