We’re Ready To Go’ As Over 2m Biafrans Vote For Self-referendum In Few Days – Ekpa

‘The Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government in Exile, Simon Ekpa, says Biafrans are ready to exit Nigeria as over Two million Biafrans have voted for self-referendum less than weeks into its recently launched E-voting platform.

The Finland-based lawyer and separatist Ekpa disclosed in a statement on Saturday that the flare with which Biafrans embraced the E-voting showed their enthusiasm for liberation.

According to him, the number of Biafra who have voted for self-referendum in the last ten days surpassed the total votes from the southeast in Nigeria’s 2023 general elections.

He said the voting will continue till May 2024, while stages two and three will commence in June and last till October 2024.

“Over two Million Biafrans have voted in self-referendum in just a few days of E-voting commencement. And considering the number of voters from Eastern Nigeria in the last general election, it is clear that Biafrans are ready to go. The first stage of the E-voting continues till May 2024. There are three stages.

“Stage one will(Which commenced February 1 2024, with the E-voting) end in May, stage two start in June and end in August, stage 3 starts in September and end on October 30, 2024″ Indeed, we are on the verge of achieving liberation”, he said.

Recall that on February 1, BRGIE unveiled the self-referendum for the e-voting portal.

BRGIE had cited marginalization, underdevelopment, insecurity and poverty in the southeast region as justification for self-referendum.

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