Why I Am Contesting For Membership Of The Federal House Of Representatives – Hon. Adebowale Taiwo (Jante)

New Era (Igba Òtun) 2023: A Vision Set For An Appointed Time

As a mark of honour to the invitation from my people, the good and hardworking people of Oriade/Obokun Federal Constituency of Osun State, to represent and defend their interests at the National Legislative Arm of government of our dear country Nigeria, I am glad to announce that after wide consultations and with the full backing of my immediate family members, extended relations, friends across borders, party stalwarts, comrades, political associates and well-wishers, I have accepted and hereby decided to throw my hat in the ring.

I have decided to contest in the 2023 National Assembly Election as Member representing the wonderful people of Oriade/Obokun Federal Constituency of Osun State under the platform of our great party, the All Progressives Congress APC (the only progressing party).

Behold the New Era (Igba Ótun). Hope has finally come! We will restore the glory of our people.

My people shall be liberated from the perpetual political stagnation that has demonically bewildered us as constituents of a potentially vibrant constituency. Never again will our people be subjugated and denied productive representation, physical/mental development, and the fruits of democracy. Never!

May the Almighty God who rules in the affairs of men see us through as I embark on the historic journey to liberate my people from the cancerous misrepresentation that has monstrously metastasized to become legislative tyranny and total loss of good governance.

This time, power must be restored back to its original owners (the people), our people shall sing new songs and they shall laugh again.
Here comes victory at last!


Going by reports from my hometown and personal observation on the unfolding happenings within my constituency, I have noticed after a painstaking independent assessment of the situation that our people are continually being denied adequate and qualitative representation in the Lower Legislative Chamber of the National Assembly at Abuja and that is possibly one of the major reasons our people have not had enough patronage from the Government and the democracy they fought hard to earn. In making progress, my people in their magnanimous resolution, concluded that I should avail myself of their passionate and consistent demand to offer myself to represent them at the lower parliament for the purpose of a sorely needed better, prosperous, and functional representation on their behalf.

In honour of this rare gesture and in acceptance of the golden opportunity to bring good governance home, and serve my people and humanity with humility, it is my plan to:

Ensure, once elected, that the Federal/State Government direct their focus to my constituency in order for our people to have their fair share of the dividends of constitutional democracy without further denial of what is due to them.

I will represent and advocate constituents’ interests, articulate and take position on issues; educate and inform my people about legislation, good governance, and the dividends of democracy.

I will push for bills that will liberate our people from:

– Poverty
– Unemployment
– Human rights abuses
– Insecurity
– Absence of basic amenities such as good accessible roads, potable water, primary health care facilities, electricity supply, etc.

These bills would, in return, improve living standards and rights of our people.

Our Major Focus:


Education is the most powerful weapon to which every individual should have access. “It is the tool for positive social transformation, personal empowerment and national development” ~ Nuhu Ribadu. Its aim is in the fostering of knowledge and sustenance of desirable values. Education determines the future of the individual and the extent a nation goes in improving the lives of the people. It is what makes the difference between developed and underdeveloped societies.

To these, my contribution to the educational development of our people would include but not limited to:

– A Back-to-School Support Program which will widen access to basic education. The elementary school system will be a non-negotiable approach.

– Establishment of free educational coaching centres for learners preparing for external examinations such as Basic Entrance Certificate Examination, National Examination Council, West Africa Examination Council, UTME etc.

– Support scholarships to indigent students that would cut across Nigeria educational structure.

– Provision of visual aids, teaching and instructional materials such as multimedia components, textbooks, computers (Desktop & Laptop) and other modern advanced means of acquiring better and quality education etc.

Job Creation/Economic Development

The country’s economy is performing below its potential and is not creating the expected job opportunities for our teeming energetic youth.

Although many efforts and resources have been injected in the economy and it’s growing at an encouraging percentage, it could grow at a much faster pace and, more importantly, it could create more job opportunities if the right policies are pursued.

– As a major priority on my agenda, I will help in reducing the rate of unemployment among the youths by championing and advancing practical policies that would open my constituency to opportunities.

– I will push and support legislations that will promote work programs for our teeming youth. The purpose would be to:

1. Offer targeted and supportive assistance to job seekers.

2. Establishing relationship between the public, private and non-profit sectors mainly to create employment opportunities for the populace.

3. Create various training and skill acquisition programs for both the unemployed and employed, which would further help in enriching their skills and avail them the opportunity to create their own wealth.

4. Establish two vocational/IT training centres, one in Oriade and the other in Obokun Local Government.

– A bill for all unemployed Nigerian graduates to be paid monthly stipend as up-keep pending when such individual(s) will get a job.

Women Empowerment Initiatives

There is no doubt that women constitute the bedrock of any society and play vital roles in achieving societal peace and prosperity.

– As part of my constituency initiatives, I will invest in sustainable economic empowerment for women.

– I will conceptualize projects that will Educate, Equip and Empower our Girl-child and women to be self-sufficient.

– I will push for legislation that would advance the rights of widows and their children.

– Since investing in women and girls enhances healthier society, I will move in reducing feminized poverty by achieving gender equality.

– Create initiatives to encourage and empower girls and young women to reach the fullest of their potential.


– Since primary health care is at the heart of my constituency initiatives, and majority of the populace live in the rural areas, then, the need to revitalize the primary health care system to deliver basic health care is paramount.

– Push for policies that will place emphasis on prevention of both communicable and non-communicable diseases.

– Sponsor a bill that will mandate all federal government agencies to grant 6 months maternity leave/bonuses to women for two children only.

– Legislate for free medical treatment for pregnant women up to the tune of two children and children from age 0 – 5 years (Zero to five years).

– I will launch a team of young persons that will be engaged in creating awareness on immunization and other preventive diseases.

– Sponsor a bill for the Establishment of Federal Medical Centre in Osun East.

– Reform of the healthcare governance system to ensure accountability, transparency and efficient service delivery and management of resources.


Security of lives and property is a collective business, and it must be handled with special interest.

– Sponsor bill that will further enhance the security architecture for the protection of lives and property.

– Support appropriate authorities and Non-Profit Right Organizations in preventing abuses and protection of human rights.

– Support the expansion of the policing structure that would accommodate and strengthen state police in order to have more police presence in local communities.

Agriculture and Food security

The nation has been battling with the challenging task of achieving food security and Agro-allied industrialization for years. My mission here would be to:

– Support farmers in accessing grains, fertilizer, and other implements in other to meet up with the food supply chain.

– Bring about legislation that would remove obstacles which may have been hindering the successful operation of small-scale farming, trading and distribution of produce to the appropriate markets and investors.

– Come up with constituency projects for supportive amenities that would discourage farmers from relocating to urban areas due to lack of basic social amenities.

– Facilitate initiatives that would help local farmers to generate income, wealth creations and ensure prosperity in the land.

Infrastructural Development:

Here, my target is as follows:

– Solar street lighting

– Clean water projects

– Construction and maintenance of public schools

– Establishment of Vocational Training Centres

– Construction and rehabilitation of roads

– Construction of Community Health Centres

– Recreation centres that would serve as convergence spots to foster unity among the inhabitants and also facilitate the organisation of other social functions and activities.

Social Services / Corporate Social Responsibility

I will concentrate on:

– Establishment of a football academy, which will be known as Oriade/Obokun Football Academy and other sporting activities.

– Engaging in periodic Community Town Hall meetings that will create social accommodation and as well give the people a sense of belonging.

– I will push for legislation that would further strengthen and restore some of the vital lost glory of our Traditional Rulers due to military rule.

– I will support legislation that would support government, private, and non-profit bodies to provide benefits and facilities in education, food subsidy, health care, youth empowerment and subsidized housing to improve the living conditions of children, the disabled, elderly, and the vulnerable in our communities.

I thank you for the trust and confidence reposed in me. I thank you for your love and support and for embarking on this journey with me.

With your backing and the grace of God, we will be victorious and restore the dignity of Oriade/Obokun Federal Constituency.

Long live the good people of Oriade/Obokun Federal Constituency.

Long live Osun State.

Long live our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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