Why Nasarawa’s Future Is In Oil And Gas, Says Engineer Sule

Nasarawa State Governor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, has expressed confidence that the future of the state lies in oil and gas, essentially because of the miraculous discovery of commercial quantity of hydrocarbons in parts of the state.

Engineer Sule disclosed this while playing host to elders of the Alago nation who were on a courtesy call at the Government House, on Wednesday.

According to the Governor, Nasarawa State is blessed when it comes to the area of oil and gas, following the discovery that the initial discovery of hydrocarbons in Keana has extended into some areas in the Benue trough into Obi, Agwatashi and Aloshi parts of the state.

Based on his experience from the oil and gas industry, he described as amazing and unprecedented, for coal deposits to foreshadow substantial oil and gas deposit as it was discovered in Agwatashi area of the state.

“They thought it was just going to be coal in that area but because of the presence of coal that is foreshadowing, and this is the first time in history, with my little knowledge of oil and gas, that I am seeing coal actually covering hydrocarbons and gas.

This is some amazing discovery that have not seen in other places. Believe me, I had the opportunity of seeing oil and gas activities in various states and that’s what took me to Ukraine. In Agwatashi area, the coal is now on top of the hydrocarbon. It’s a big oil. In engineering, it’s a beautiful thing for us,” he explained.

Engineer Sule used the opportunity of the visit to inform the Alago Elders that following concerted attempts by his administration to find use for the completed Lafia Cargo Airport, the efforts finally paid off with President Muhammadu Buhari announcing the decision by the Federal Government to takeover the facility.

Not only that, the Governor added that the Federal Government has agreed to fully compensate the state for the money expended in building the airport.

As the country gears towards the 2023 general elections, Engineer Sule formally announced his decision to retain his deputy, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe ahead of the coming governorship election.

He described Akabe as being honest, loyal and a professional like him, stressing that he is ready to swim and sink with his deputy.

Engineer Sule also made case for the Alago nation to belong to no other party than the All Progressives Congress (APC), especially that the nation is positioned to play critical role in the success of the party.

“I therefore call on you, that the Alago nation should have no other party than the APC. Because the truth of the matter is that God has been kind to you and God has been kind to APC by ensuring that we all these working for us,” he stated.

He told the Alago Elders that the Alago nation have more guarantee with the position of the deputy governor than a coming senator.

Engineer Sule equally called on the Alago nation to support the senatorial ambition of his immediate predecessor, Senator Umaru Tanko Al-makura, who is seeking to represent the zone for a second term.

“We will do our best as far as the party is concerned, to win this election. We are going to do everything possible within the context of the law to make sure we win this election. Because of that, if we are winning this election, I want to win the election with my brother Dr. Akabe,” he said.

Highlight of the event was when Engineer Sule presented Dr.Akabe with a copy of his nomination form.

In a chat with the Government House press crew shortly after receiving his nomination form, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe said he was overwhelmed by the show of love by his principal, relishing the words the Governor picked to describe him.

He expressed appreciation that all the while, the Governor has been noticing his modest contributions, adding that the decision to pick him on the second part of their journey is an added challenge for him to improve on what he has been doing.

“And I know the kind of person that he is, he requires nothing but the best. And today is a great day. I thank God for it. I thank everybody, all the people of Nasarawa State for their support for the past three and a half years. I know I can’t be perfect, no human being is perfect. But my modest contribution is being noted,” the Deputy Governor said.

In an introductory remarks, leader of the Alago Elders delegation, Senator Hussani Egyagbola, said they were at the Government House to congratulate the Governor on the successful conduct of the party’s primary elections, as well as his sterling performance during the national convention of the party.

Egyagbola said the Alago nation are particularly happy with Engineer Sule for building critical infrastructure such as the Agbashi road which has defied solutions by previous administrations, as well as the Assakio road.

He explained that the Alago nation deeply appreciate the Governor for attracting corporations and businesses to their land, especially the activities and exploration by the NNPC in Keana, Obi and Agwatashi.

Egyagbola pointed out the Alago Elders delegation cut across party lines because the Alago nation are happy with the present administration and assured that they will support Engineer Sule one hundred percent when the time comes.

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