Wike Still Overseeing The Affairs Of Rivers State Despite Leaving Office ~ Eze

...Says Former Governor Appointing Commissioners, Imposing Aides, and Receiving Visitors on Behalf of Government …Reveals that Use of State-owned Aircraft is now Exclusively For Wike Alone as Fubara Resorts to Chattered Aircrafts for Private and Official Travels
…Describes the Governor as a Confirmed Stooge, Mere Ceremonial Head Without Compass.

Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP) and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze says former Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike is exerting unlimited authority over his political stooge, Sim Fubara, for whom he usurped extant laws and defiled established democratic practices to foist on Rivers people as Governor against their wishes and aspirations.

In a statement made available to media houses in Port Harcourt, Eze noted that the core of democracy is about the unfettered right of electorates to choose their leaders in the executive arm and their representatives at the parliament and other positions in government, stressing that a situation where a Governor deploys the powers of his office to sway election outcomes to his favour is a chronic aberration of the character of elections under a practical democratic system and must be condemned in strong terms with perpetrators subjected to very severe punitive measures through the mechanics of law.

The current situation in Rivers State where core decisions and critical business of governance are transacted by Wike, a former Governor and power monger, properly pictures the result of a flawed electoral process where a desperate boss tramples on peoples’ rights and violates the rules of democracy and elections to install his minion to idly sit as Governor in a ceremonial capacity to pave the way for him to continue to oversee, dominate and access public funds as he wills and without interference.

Mr. Siminialayi Fubara must be alarmed that he remains responsible and accountable for every actions taken on behalf of the state from May 29, 2023 when he assumed office until such a time when the courts will abrogate his illegitimate reign. It is immaterial whether such actions were taken by him or his overlord, Wike.

It is public knowledge that Wike has reappointed some Commissioners who worked under him to continue with Sim Fubara, a protege who has no mind of his own. Mr. Tammy Danagogo who served as Secretary to Government (SSG) under Wike’s eight-year miserable rule was also returned and has been sworn in as SSG while Emeke Woke, Wike’s Chief of Staff was demoted to a Commissioner. All on the orders of Wike. Fubara’s aides including his Personal Assistants, were all appointed by Wike.

As it is, no financial transaction takes place in the government without Wike’s knowledge and approval. In fact, former Governor Wike still decides how much should go to each local government from the state’s share of the federal allocation. Aside sharing the monthly security vote with Fubara, Wike decides how much the temporary Governor gets in a month.

It is unfortunate that Sim Fubara has been caged with the unwilling reappointment of most key actors in Wike’s eight-year misrule particularly the appointment of Chief Wike’s kinsman,Chief Chidi Amadi a former Obio-Akpor Local Government PDP Chairman as Chief of Staff which is a clear pointer that the former Governor has cunningly succeeded in entrapping the political fortunes of the Ijaws of Rivers State by indirectly retaining the governance of the state after many years the position was left in the hands of the Ikwerres through Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi (8Years) and Chief Nyesom Wike (8Years)

The Opobo people and the entire Ijaw nation missed the opportunity to govern Rivers State through Dr Dakuku Adol Peterside because of Chief Nyesom Wike political antics when Amaechi resolved that power should shift to the Riverine area of the State. It is sad and unfortunate that the Ijaws and the entire Riverine Area are only being fooled with the installation of Sim, a mere stooge who bears the name of Governor without the boldness to exercise the relevant powers of the office.

With the current situation, the use of the state owned aircrafts has been left exclusively for Wike while the Governor, Sim Fubara uses chattered aircraft for official engagements. Just last week, Wike traveled with the Rivers state jet whereas Sim used chattered jet same last week for abroad. Reports revealed that Gov. Fubara used Lufthansa Commercial flight, a chattered flight, from Port Harcourt to Frankfurt (Germany)

In all of these misnomers, Chief Eze said it is baffling to learn that reputable establishment like the Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas Company- LNG would find itself enmeshed and infact, consumed in Wike’s crude display of dominance and conversion of the state government as part of his conquered estates.

Managing Director of LNG Mr. Mshelbila led his management team to Wike’s private residence in his village of Rumuepirikom last week to discuss official issues and the company’s business prospects for the state. The team later went to greet Sim Fubara on Wike’s instruction. The action of LNG, Eze said is in sharp contrast with the company’s strong global profile and known penchant for excellence and sticking to rules of procedures an protocols at all times.

Eze called on Sim Fubara to brace up, tackle Wike’s crude desperation and take full charge of the government for the very short time he will be serving as Governor, noting that the excuse of ignorance will not avail him when he is called upon to account for the actions taken during the few moment he will be holding sway in that office.

However by the Grace of God, Eze noted that hope still lies ahead for the Riverine and the entire Rivers people to reclaim what rightly belongs to them with Pastor Tonye Cole whose bid to thwart the scheme of Wike for the interest of all and through the Tribunal is very much on course.

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