Wishing General Gusau Happy Birthday

This man is the “classifed” most powerful man in Nigeria.. It shocks me that very few Nigerians know about him.. He’s the “evil genius” himself and Spy master numéro Uno in the history of Nigeria.. Knowledge isn’t really power but, having information is the true test of power and, he who has information in abundance, can be classified as having true power hence, Aliyu Gusau is the true definition of power.

That’s why US Presidents are always wary of CIA directors. Putin was once the head of the Russian KGB and just imagine the sort of covert intelligence and information he had on the entire world and Soviet Union back in those days or, how did you guys think he got to where he his today? He leveraged on his mastery of information gathering.. World leaders fear him not because he’s the President of Russia but, because he was a spy master who probably has one or two things to nail their asses.

The greatest undoing of the British Empire was to militarily train Africans in the acts of military warfare in schools such as The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, England and, the Mons Officers Academy, Aldershot. Aliyu Gusau is one guy you don’t want to Bleep with.. Everyone knows that, Obasanjo knows, Danjuma knows, Buhari, Obasanjo, Abacha, Babangida,Abdusalam, etc.. Obasanjo and Abacha dined with him with a long spoon. The guy’s speciality is intelligence gathering and he’s fucking good at it.. He’s got something on almost everybody in Nigeria..

[b] He would have ended up creating an intelligence outfit that would have probably rank with the likes of Mi6 and M15, KGB, MOSSAD, etc, but he also got carried away by the dark fantasy that swept the likes of Babangida and Abacha and the rest..

He, just like his partners in crime, have stolen more than enough to start a new country but, you’d never hear of such money laundering tales connected to him ‘cos his tracks are well covered.. This is the only man that can tell you what happened to Abacha and MKO Abiola. He’s the “Cabal” himself that has information on all cabals and federal cartels existing within the country..

NB: One of the reasons no office holder is going after this man is that he has leverage ;lots of them.. Once he opens his dossier of intelligence from the past 50 years or so to the media and public, everybody should just pack their belongings and go back to their regions ‘cos something uncontrollably terrible might follow. People should do well and read more on certain Nigerians in power