Worgu Boms’ Verbal Assault Against Amaechi, Signs Of Mental Breakdown – Eze

……He’s bitten the very finger that fed and nurtured him to limelight and his case is irredeemable
……a bitter little man who has failed at his calling as a lawyer and AG.
……Counsels him on how to seek appointment from Wike

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights we have in Nigeria, however, that right should neither be misconstrued nor abused; it should be exercised accordingly.

Freedom of expression simply put is the right a citizen has to express his opinions on Social, economic and political issues. It can also be said to be the right to criticize given undesirable events with the view to restoring sanity in society.

Perhaps, it was this very right that the former Rivers Attorney-General and Justice Commissioner under the administration of Amaechi, Worgu Boms, attempted to exercise in his recent ironic and satire-filled piece, laced with mean pusillanimity and sheer jeremiad against the Hon. Minister for Transportation and his major benefactor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi. His diatribe has continued to attract severe condemnation from people of conscience.

In a statement made available to media houses, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze described Mr. Boms as an ingrate haunted by his sense of ingratitude to a man who raised him from the pit of nothingness to public recognition, opulence and political stardom.

Eze pointed out that each time former information commissioner in the state, Austin Tam-George, criticizes his former boss and governor of Rivers State, Gov Wike’s aides usually condemned him on grounds of the moral and ethical requirement that an aide must not speak against his former boss. “It is surprising that these same aides encourage those who were raised into public relevance and opulence by the Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi such as Magnus Abe, Igo Aguma and Worgu Boms to daily insult him”.

Eze, an erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, expressed disappointment over Mr. Boms continued public exhibition of thankfullessness, stressing that the former Attorney-General is grossly worthless in character and defective in reasoning.

Dismissing Boms diatribe as merely infelicitous, the party chieftain stressed that his defence of Gov. Wike can be easily fathomed: it may be that the erstwhile Justice Commissioner is on a ‘favour shopping’, attracting undue attention to himself, possibly to be considered as a replacement for Late Simeon Nwakaudu, Gov. Wike’s Senior Special Assistant on Electronic Media, who died just few days ago.

Eze describes Mr. Boms as embodiment of ingratitude and recalls with nostalgia why Wike had always boasted, during the battle between him and Amaechi, that he was always one step ahead of Amaechi in his strategy knowing every move Amaechi wants to take before he even takes it just because of the likes of wicked agents like Worgu Boms who was feeding him with all that Amaechi was doing. Nothing can be worse than ones lawyer/chief legal adviser romancing with the enemy. This fact was the reason why Boms stated that Amaechi would have been sacked if the Court was opened for one day but God frustrated his plot against a man who lifted him from his inglorious past.

Eze further stated that it was Wike who assisted Boms to be the NBA Chairman but was the first to betray Wike when the State wanted to appoint his Wife a Judge but Amaechi in his usual magnanimity later prevailed and appointed Wike’s wife as a Judge in the State to the dismay of Mr. Boms

Although Mr. Boms deserves some compensation for his undisputable contributions towards the emergence of the PDP and Gov. Wike to the detriment of APC and the people of Rivers State but he remains grossly unfit to replace Nwakaudu, given his poor intellectual habitude and leaning.

Counselling Mr. Boms to keep mute on issues concerning the Transportation Minister and the Rivers APC, Chief Eze tasked Boms to concentrate and exert more energy in his pursuit of reward from Gov. Wike, on whose soil he has sowed bountifully and wherein lies his harvest but revealed that Mr. Boms is a disgrace to humanity that even Wike that he is currently courting will never give him any appointment knowing him very well.

Eze recalled that under Boms as Rivers Attorney-General and Justice Commissioner, the Ministry faired poorly and the justice delivery system was in a mess save the intervention of Rt. Hon. Amaechi. He described Boms as a fantastic example of an incompetent workman during his days in the Ministry of Justice.

Eze further recalls that it was Boms that engineered the closure of the courts during his infamous term as Attorney General of Rivers State and supported the bid to stop Daisy Okocha from being sworn in as a CJ after approval by the NJC and he took volumes of pages in National dailies casting NJC, OCJ and anybody who have contrary view. It is sad that Boms has diminished himself so much that he can now being graded among men that cannot defend their actions or stand by it therrby eating their vomit.

Eze highlighted that Boms has no electoral value back home here in Port Harcourt where he was appointed the Leader of the party. A one chance man, an opportunist, noise maker seeking for favour from Gov.Wike who should bury his face in shame for all the dark roles he played during his tenure as AG.

Eze maintained that the former Attorney-General was never deserving of an appointment, considering his political irrelevance and electoral worthlessness in his unit, but was highly favoured and ought to be full of praises to Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, whose magnanimity brought him to limelight despite his numerous deficiencies.”

Eze noted thus; “All the same, any man that bites the finger that fed him, or any aide that wants to relocate his loyalty by openly insulting and denigrating his former boss is never given Grade A trust by the new master. In the spy world, such agents are seen as double dealers and will never be trusted. They can only be used and dumped. They are often eliminated after being used by their new master.”

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