Yakasai Debunks Online Publication Credited To Him

Alh Tanko Yakasai, frontline Politician, Elder stateman, who believes in the unity of Nigeria, has debunked a statement credited to him.

It will be recalled that some social media platform published a statement credited to Dr Yakasai which says “The agitation for Oduduwa Nation by Yoruba is laughable and shouldn’t be taken seriously. When Ojukwu released Awolowo from Calabar prison, both of them planned to secede from Nigeria. Awolowo went to Lagos, became Finance Minister and dropped secession plan. Give Yoruba man APC Presidential ticket and you will never hear anything about Oduduwa Nation. Yoruba can fool Igbos not Fulani”.

Tanko Yakasai OFR

The statesman said “I saw this report a long time ago and I denied making the statement as it does not tally with my mantra. I always make sure that whatever I said I will make sure that there is logic in it. Awolowo met with Ojukwu when he was already Federal Commissioner for Finance and vice chairmen of the Federal Executive Council. Chief Awolowo met Ojukwu at that time as an envoy of the Nigerian Head of State to persuade Ojukwu against embarking on secession which will not be in the best interest of the Eastern Region, the interest of the Ibo people and the rest of Nigeria.The same point was raised by Dr. Tokunbo Dosunmu Awolowo when she saw the story and talked to me about it I said the same thing to her than which I now say to you”.

“This new trend of fake news in journalism in Nigeria is becoming a serious dilemma for our country Nigeria. One doesn’t know what to do either to refuse granting interviews and keep quiet or do what? But I believe all these stupidity will one day disappear because it is not a positive thing to be engaged in.

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