You Are Ignorant Of The PMS Distribution System, CSO Tells Muslim Media Watch Group Of Nigeria

The Integrity Youth Alliance has said that the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria is ignorant of the distribution of premium motor spirits, also known as Petrol.

According to the National Coordinator of the Alliance, Kelvin Adegbenga while reacting to the call by MMWG to probe NNPC and major marketers over fuel scarcity, he said that NNPC Limited has been transparent enough by releasing distribution details of 387.5 million litres of petrol to solve scarcity.

It said, “It is unfortunate that the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria could ask for the probe of the NNPC Limited despite its transparency in detailing how it distributed an average of 55.4 million litres per day, Adegbenga said.

“We think the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria should have channelled their request to the marketers to tell Nigerians what happened to the 55.4 million litres of fuel supplied to them daily.”

The IYA condemned the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria for saying that the NNPC Limited and the Ministry of Petroleum Resources show a lackadaisical attitude towards the distribution of Premium Motor Spirit, also known as Petrol.

A breakdown of the NNPC weekly national evacuation report released last week showed that 80 per cent of all the PMS took place at 20 high loading depots, while 20 per cent took place at the other loading depots.

It will be recalled that the NNPC said the top 20 high loading depots used are Pinnacle-Lekki, which evacuated the highest volume of 70.8 million litres; NIPCO (22.6 million litres), AITEO (22.3 million litres), Swift (16 million litres), 11 PLC (15.9 million litres), Bovas Bulk (15 million litres) and Frado (14.6 million litres).

Others are Keonamex (13.7 million litres), MRS Ltd (11.9 million litres), Rainoil (11.6 million litres), AYM Shafa (11.2 million litres), TSL (11.2 million litres), Rainoil Lagos (11.2 million litres), and Matrix (10 million litres), Conoil Lagos (9.7 million litres), AA Rano (8.8 million litres), Bluefin (8.4 million litres), HOGL (8.2 million litres), Ibafon Calabar (8 million litres) and Mainland (7.5 million litres).

With the distribution of 385.59 million litres in one week, scarcity of petrol was arrested, with queues drastically reduced at filling stations in Abuja, Lagos and other major cities as selling outlets that had been shut for over a week due to supply gap opened for operations last Sunday.

It will be recalled that on Tuesday, a non-governmental organization, the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria, MMWG, called on the federal government to carry out a thorough investigation into why the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, stations, and many major marketers are finding it difficult to get fuel supply for sales up to now despite it being in charge of the commodity.

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