Your Call On IGP To Resign Is Inconsequential; Youth Alliance Tells HURIWA

The Integrity Youth Alliance has said that the imaginative call for the resignation of the Inspector General of Police over the failure to rescue eight abducted corps members is inconsequential considering all the efforts the IGP, Kayode Egbetokun, has put in place to rescue the abducted corps members.

Reacting to a statement released on Monday by HURIWA giving the IGP a 24-hour ultimatum to rescue the kidnapped corps members, the Board Chairman of Integrity Youth Alliance, Adewole Kehinde, said that HURIWA seeks knowledge instead of reaching conclusions.

“For the information of the one-man civic group, HURIWA, security information on abducted persons is not made known to the public except HURIWA wants to tell the IGP they are speaking for the abductors.

“The Anti-kidnapping Unit of the Nigeria Police has been working with the shared information at its disposal to rescue the kidnapped corps members in collaboration with other security agencies in the country.

“We are optimistic that the security agencies are already in touch with the families of the victims to get updates about the situation so as to aid in the rescue.

“HURIWA may wish to know that it is crucial to stay calm while the security agencies gather as much information as possible to rescue the corps members, as the Nigeria Police will never negotiate with criminals.

“We are very sure the security agencies have increased pressure on the perpetrators, potentially leading to the corps members’ safe release.

“The safety of the abducted corps members is the priority of the IGP for now, not the inconsequential call for his resignation.

The rescue of an abducted person has gone beyond making noise in the media as agitated by the HURIWA, and we hope they will keep reminding Nigerians that the country has outlawed ransom payments. At the same time, kidnapping is now punishable by death, the statement concluded.

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