March 30, 2023

Your Message To Nigerians Has Given Us More Hope; LP National Youth Leader Informs Obasanjo

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The Youths of the Labour Party has said that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s message to Nigerians is clear, succinct, and refreshing and it has built more confidence in their heart.

According to an open letter to Chief Obasanjo by the Labour Party National Youth Leader, Prince Kennedy Ahanotu, he said, “I am pleased to inform you that we are further motivated, inspired, encouraged, re-energized, united, resolutely committed to stand up and take our future in our hands.

An excerpt is the full open letter:

An Open Letter To Chief Olusegun Obasanjo By LP National Youth Leader, Prince KC. Ahanotu

2nd January 2023
Our Beloved Father – Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,
It’s with great joy and gladness, un-behalf of Nigerian Youths and Obedient families both in Nigeria and in the diaspora, I respectfully wish you our dear revered elderly statesman a blessed Happy New Year 2023.
I enjoin millions of Nigerians to say Amen to your prayers and to declare ‘May all our national calamities disappear this year 2023’. In addition, we pray may all the labors of our hero’s past, including your sacrifices never be in vain.

Your Excellency, no doubt the last seven and half years have been painfully eventful and stressful for Nigerian youths with an unprecedented increase in the unemployment rate, number of out-of-school children, severe poverty, endemic insecurity, and the FOREX exchange rate which negatively affected businesses. Indeed, we truly have moved from frying pan to fire, and from mountain top to the valley.
For many youths, it has been hell on earth and an incessant scourge of poisonous whips. The worst of it was the long stay at home as a result of the protracted Federal Government face-off with lecturers which kept Nigerian students away from school for about 8 months.
Indeed the challenge thrown is for Nigerian Youths to arise, and we are very much determined to Take Back Our Country (Awa lokan). Nigerian Youths are willing to obey this clarion call and do not wish to fall prey again, as we have been trampled beyond our resilient abilities.
Let me sincerely and humbly thank you for inspiring us with your letter and giving the Nigerian Youths a specific direction concerning 2023 Presidential election.
There is a proverb in Igbo parlance which says that “an elder does not watch the goat give birth in tatters”. This clear endorsement of Mr. Peter Obi on the 1st January 2023 among other presidential candidates by you our elder statesman is timeously very significant and has equally shown that you care about Nigeria’s state of affairs, and the stellar excellent leadership qualities you will want Nigerians to support.
Your message to Nigerians is clear, succinct, and refreshing and it has built more confidence in our hearts.
I am pleased to inform you that we are further motivated, inspired, encouraged, re-energized, united, and resolutely committed to standing up and taking our future into our hands.
Finally, it is always emboldening when a father stands in support of his children to succeed. Your letter to Nigerians, especially youths is enough to spur us to stand for our right and to vote without being biased along ethno-religious lines.
With renewed energy and God being our helper we shall make a statement come February general election by massively supporting and voting for Labour Party’s candidate – Mr. Peter Gregory Obi and Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed as we join hands together to build a prosperous nation where peace, equity, justice, credibility, and excellence reigns.
While wishing you a healthy and prosperous year in 2023, do accept my warm regard of the highest consideration.
Thank you, sir
National Youth Leader

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