September 25, 2022

2023 Presidential Election And The Rising Fury Of The Suicidal Struggle

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By Bayode Oluwasanmi

History seems to be an endless war between the oppressed and the more favored class. We are now in the volatile days to the 2023 presidential election.

For a bad and intolerable government, there is excuse for riot and insurrection. We have seen with increasing anguish Nigeria being broken. Its fields destroyed, towns, cities, and villages burned, all types of violence and anarchy. We know how terrible and unchecked the license for genocide of the Butcher of Aso Rock and his band of Fulani terrorists. We know the hopelessness, helplessness and the destructive tendencies of Buhari administration. Nigerians have been wounded and become plague-stricken people like no other time in our history.

Throughout the seven-year plus of Buhari regime, the situation grew worse. It has been a frightful, bitter years. Nigerians have been driven to choose between two evils – Satan or Lucifer. Buhari breeds violence – rob, rage, and acts like mad dog. The Satan of Aso Rock’s objective is to rob, murder, and pour out blood of innocent Nigerians. His security agencies stab, smite, and slay all they can. General Buhari’s leadership is visionless, backward, thoughtless, impractical, and destructive. And sheepishly, hypnotized Nigerians accept his brutal, insane leadership with resignation.

Economic, social, and political darkness settled over Nigeria. Wealth increasingly is concentrated in the hands of the few who stole from the many. Luxury and its ever-present companions – immorality and brutality – spread like wild fire throughout the country. Our finest minds are attacked from all angles by a recognized tyrannical authority. State sponsored terrorists robbed, pillaged, and murdered without restraint. The government looks the other way while the torch and the sword, with all the accompanying hideousness to which terrorists can descend, massacre innocent Nigerians. Nigerians are being kept in severe oppression even so in the past seven years. The long, long patience of the plundered poor is a constant wonder and reminder that all hope is lost.

The political party platforms for 2023 have divided the race into ethnic election. APC’s Bola Ahmed Tinubu, represents Yorubas. PDP’s Abubakar Atiku represents Fulanis, and Peter Obi of Labor represents Igbos. This is electoral recipe for disaster because none of the candidates may garner the necessary two-thirds votes in all the 36 states to win the election with clear-cut victory.

With this scenario, 2023 election will not bring any reprieve to the ancient tribal jealousy, differences and acrimonious rancor that have bedeviled the country from its inception. Rather, it will further polarize the already fractured country. More importantly, it will exacerbate and prolong the rising fury of the suicidal struggle between the oppressed and their oppressors. Separation had better come sooner. This is the only way out.


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