Youth Alliance Supports Adejobi, Force Police Relations Officers

……Says he spokes based on Section 356 of the Criminal Code Act

Nigerians have been warned not to use the Inspector General of Police’s (IGP) Usman Baba Alkali’s order as a pretext when resolving disputes with NPF personnel.

According to a news statement issued on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, and signed by Adewole Kehinde, National Coordinator of the Integrity Youth Alliance, striking a police officer is a serious offense that is punishable by a felony under Section 356 of the Criminal Code Act.

“Therefore, the act of locking officers in your vehicle, dragging or holding their uniforms out of anger, and resisting or obstructing arrest are termed serious assaults punishable with at least three years jail term, Adewole said.

The statement reads, “It will be recalled that on Saturday, September 10, 2022, The Punch published a video of a lady assaulting a police officer in the Festac Area of Lagos State.

“In the video, the angry lady held the officer’s uniform and shouted at his face, saying the officer threatened to shoot her.

“As usual, there were divided reactions to the video. While some condemned the lady’s action, others believe she was right to assault the officer if the policeman truly threatened to gun her down.

“This is not the first time videos showing civilians harassing law enforcement agents would surface on social media.

“Earlier in September, Nigerian rapper Ice Prince was arrested after he allegedly abducted and threatened to throw a police officer in a river.

“The police officer was said to have stopped the music star for driving a car without a number plate at 3 am.

“According to the police, Ice Prince who agreed to be taken to the station for his offence allegedly kidnapped the officer and also threatened to throw him into a river.

“Also, in August, a viral video showed one Billy Tokunbo, assaulting a police officer after he was stopped for allegedly driving against traffic.

“In the video, Tokunbo was seen dragging the officer by his trouser on the road while someone in the background asked him if he was satisfied with what he did to the policeman.

“Tokunbo was subsequently arrested while his car was impounded.

The numerous incidents mentioned above foreshadow a risk if not adequately checked, since certain unscrupulous elements may exploit attempts by genuinely irate Nigerians to terrorize security personnel, which would be detrimental to the safety of Nigerians’ lives and property.

In the course of the above, we stand by the statement credited to the most effective Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Muyiwa Adejobi as his statement is in line with Section 356.

Section 356 identifies the following actions as serious assaults.

Any person who:
(1) assaults another with intent to commit a felony, or with intent to resist or prevent the lawful arrest or detention of himself or any other person; or
(2) assaults, resists or wilfully obstructs a police officer while acting in the execution of his duty, or any person acting in aid of a police officer while so acting; or
(3) unlawfully assaults, resists, or obstructs, any person engaged in the lawful execution of any process against any property, or in making lawful distress, while so engaged; or
(4) assaults, resists, or obstructs any person engaged in the such lawful execution of process, or in making lawful distress, with intent to rescue any property lawfully taken under such process or distress; or
(5) assaults any person on account of any act done by him in the execution of any duty imposed on him by law; or
(6) assaults any person in pursuance of any unlawful conspiracy respecting any manufacture, trade, business, or occupation, or respecting any person or persons concerned or employed in any manufacture, trade, business, or occupation, or the wages of any such person or person.

Any person involved in the acts stated above is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for three years.

Finally, we want to inspire the Police personnel to abide by the IGP’s policing vision which includes: Deploying cutting-edge policing technology; Integrating intelligence-led policing practices to core policing functions, to strengthen police capacity to stabilize the internal security order; and Restoring public confidence in the Force, ” the statement concluded

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