An Overview Of Plateau State’s NEMA Response

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) plays a crucial role in responding to emergencies and disasters across Nigeria. This is in line with the mandates of the Agency.

Recently, NEMA has been very active in responding to the humanitarian challenges in Plateau State. NEMA’s response in the State has been instrumental in addressing various incidents, ranging from natural disasters to man-made crises.

Plateau State, situated in the central region of Nigeria, has experienced its share of challenges, including communal clashes, flooding, and other emergencies. NEMA’s response in the state involves a coordinated effort to provide immediate relief, assess the extent of the damage, and implement strategies for long-term recovery.

According to the Press Unit, NEMA Headquarters Abuja, in the face of communal conflicts that have recently plagued Plateau State, NEMA under the leadership of Director General Mustapha Habib Ahmed has been actively involved in deploying resources to assist affected communities.

On the 4th and 12th of January 2024, relief items were delivered to Bokkos and Barkin Ladi for victims of the attacks. A Humanitarian Emergency Coordination Center was also created by the Agency on 26th January 2024 to streamline the activities of response and Humanitarian agencies in the state. This initiative has increased efficiency in response. Also on January 24th 2024, the Agency provided medicament and medical consumables for the treatment of victims of communal clashes and bandit attacks.

National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) North Central Zonal office in collaboration with Plateau State Emergency Management Agency (PLASMA), Local Government Emergency Committee and the Nigerian Red Cross on 29th January 2024 carried out a joint on-the-spot assessment in Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, where renewed communal attacks took place between Monday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd Jan 2024 respectively.

The assessment revealed that many houses, vehicles, businesses and places of worship including Bungha-Dawo Jumma’a Mosque and COCIN LCC2 Church Lahil all in Mangu town were destroyed and burnt to the ground.

Most of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs,) are presently camping at Pilot Primary School Mangu. At the time of the visit, 12 IDP camps had already been established and most of the injured victims on admitted to the various hospitals within Mangu town those with life-threatening injuries are in the State teaching hospitals in the State capital and others as far as Bauchi. Following the Assessment relief items which include food, temporary shelter, and medical assistance were provided to those displaced or affected.

NEMA works in collaboration with other relevant agencies, local authorities, and humanitarian organizations to ensure a comprehensive and efficient response.

During instances of flooding, NEMA implements swift measures to address the immediate needs of affected populations. This includes the deployment of rescue teams, distribution of relief materials, and setting up temporary shelters for those displaced by the floods. NEMA’s expertise in disaster management enables it to navigate the complexities of these situations and provide timely assistance to those in distress.

NEMA also engages in proactive measures such as awareness campaigns and training programs to enhance the preparedness of communities in Plateau State. By equipping locals with knowledge of disaster risk reduction and response techniques, NEMA contributes to building resilience and reducing the impact of future emergencies.

While NEMA’s response in Plateau State has been commendable, challenges persist. Limited resources, geographical constraints, and the evolving nature of emergencies pose ongoing hurdles. Despite all this NEMA continues collaborating with local authorities, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to strengthen its response capabilities and enhance the overall resilience of communities in Plateau State.

In conclusion, NEMA’s response in Plateau State reflects the organization’s commitment to mitigating the impact of emergencies and disasters. Through its multifaceted approach, NEMA addresses immediate needs, undertakes assessment and recovery efforts, and works towards building a more resilient society. However, continued collaboration and resource allocation are crucial to further improve and sustain the effectiveness of NEMA’s response in Plateau State and beyond.

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