As Obi Visits Oyo State, It Is Time For Nigerians To Reclaim What Is Rightfully Theirs

On Wednesday, 25th November, the Oyo State capital, Ibadan will receive the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi and his vice, Ahmed Baba-Datti as their campaign trains land in South West Nigeria.

This is not the first visit Peter Obi will be visiting Oyo State. Recalled that he visited Ibadan on Thursday, 29th September 2022 where he had a closed-door meeting with Governor Seyi Makinde in his office at Agodi, Secretariat, Ibadan.

During the visit, Peter Obi pledged to turn Nigeria from being a consumer to producing country if elected in 2023.

He said the next election should be about how to start building a new Nigeria everybody would be proud of.

Obi said: “In 62 years, it can be said that we performed poorly, but we survived as a nation we are tired of saying we’ve achieved a lot, we celebrate because this next election will be one to build a nation that we all can be proud of.

“Next year’s election will not be based on ethnicity because there’s no ethnic group that food cheaper rate or there’s no place where the poor people are happy, there’s no place where there’s a job for everybody or a place where there’s uninterrupted electricity or any ethnic group that will say they are safe.”

”It will not be based on religion, the Christians don’t buy bread cheaper neither do the Muslims. It is the same for everybody, everybody’s suffering. I am not saying it is my turn but the turn of Nigerians to take back what belongs to them. It will not be by corruption and that’s why we going across to say let’s save our country.”

“Next year’s election would be based on character and trust, capacity and commitment to do the right thing. I’ve committed to being responsible but I want to move and secure Nigeria, build Nigeria.”

“I’m a Nigerian, I don’t want anybody to vote for me because I’m an Igbo man, no, don’t vote for me because I’m a Christian or because it is my turn, it is the turn of Nigerians, vote for me because of my commitment and my character and especially my commitment to the young ones.”

“I’ve said it, that structure is the structure that kept us down, it is the structure of criminality, it is the structure that aids massive corruption, that’s what we want to remove. We must remove that structure for Nigeria to start working. We are doing good work, going across party lines to ensure Nigeria works. The structure of money sharing must be removed.”

“The money they are sharing is why there are jobless people; the money they are sharing is why the whole country isn’t working. They didn’t invest in health, education, in security but rather shared the money. So it is time to make things right and make use of the money in the right way.”

“People don’t share money in the other worlds because they want the job. Our youths want jobs, they are energetic. People don’t know where the next meal will come from and you’re giving them money. When people talk about money, it gets me annoyed because that’s not what we have come to do.”

Obi’s entry to the South West on Wednesday is sure of getting him the 25% votes cast in Oyo, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, and Osun as the youths and women are tired of bad leadership from the APC and PDP.

Obi is the new messiah Nigeria needs to take the country out of Poverty and Corruption. With Peter Obi, it is POssible.

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