Buhari Ready To Roll Out Tanks To Kill Protesters; Tinubu, Lai Mohammed And Aregbesola Sign On

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

General Muhammadu Buhari’s ominous hint at a move to roll out military tanks to kill #EndSARS protesters, signals full return to authoritarianism.

Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism, said, “We are no longer dealing with #EndSARS but a volatile situation that can lead to anarchy if the government does not take some very firm steps…” Alhaji Mohammed sounds like an out of space visitor to Nigeria. Nigeria has been in a permanent state of anarchy forever.

Nigeria’s descent into a full blown anarchy was brought about by killings by SARS, Fulani herdsmen terrorists, Boko Haram terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, and millions who die every day due to hunger, unemployment, preventable and curable diseases. Buhari makes Nigeria ungovernable. It has never been so bad.

Buhari’s decision to use the military to quell demonstrators, will completely eclipse our democracy. Reliable sources told me Buhari is being egged on by Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, and Alhaji Rauf Aregbesola to roll out tanks against protesters to end the protests as quickly as possible.

Buhari’s regime was jolted from its stupor over a week ago when the youths took over Nigeria as it were, to protest against SARS brutality. The sweep on-going #EndSARS protests in thousands across most of the 36 states lasting 12 days so far, boxed Buhari into a tight corner. Confused, conflicted, and contorted, Buhari is completely incapacitated. He hasn’t the courage, the will, or the compassion to address the nation on the issue. As usual, he remains dumb and tone deaf. He doesn’t care!

The peaceful protests are in response to a chronically corrupt and repressive government. Protesters were attacked by the police and government sponsored thugs killing at least 20 people. It is not unusual for authoritarian regimes to shoot at protesters. During the Arab Spring, in Tunisia the police shot at protesters. Mubarak’s regime in Egypt killed 1,000. Regimes in Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain fired on protesters.

Despite military clamp down bullets were not able to stop protesters as “hope and euphoria outweigh rational calculation of risk, cost, and benefit.” History is about to repeat itself in Nigeria. Nigeria Army will not be able to stop the protesters. It will increase the level of protest. More importantly, it will trigger a more defiant, resolute, determined, resolved, and radicalized protesters. The protesters are here to stay!

Meanwhile, protesters are eagerly waiting to dance to the tunes of “Operation Crocodile Smile.”

General Buhari, bring it on!

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