Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, Making APC Greater Through Credible And Quality Information

By Benson Nwachukwu

…….His media crossfire and bombardment are heavily equipped, to dismantling all opposing forces

If the venom of truth spat from regular media publicities on social, economic and political issues as well as criticisms against undesirable policies and programs of public servants at the three arms and tiers of government, has impacted the public life and general psych of the leaders and the led, then a bulk of the credit goes to Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze.

A great patriot, seasoned politician, dependable ally, devote advocate of good governance and leader extraordinaire, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, is a national media guru, an enigma and icon with an appreciable degree of knowledge and mastery in multiple areas of life.

The tenacity and effect of his selcouth model of journalism saw his emergence as the media director of the TURAKI VANGUARD, a group that staunchly stood against executive maladministration among public office holders and spearheaded the battle against the third term presidential bid of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, then Nigerian President.

By 2001, he founded the Igbo Crusaders and South South, South East Amalgamated Movement (SSSEAM) with other compatriots which he used to mobilise the indigenes from the South to support the Peoples Democratic Party in the entire North East region till 2007 before he left to Rivers State to assist in the formation of the Princewill Political Association (PPA) which impacts in the political life of Rivers State and South-South need not be overemphasized.

As a geason specie of the Journalism profession and special gift to humanity, his works command wider circulation and often spark public debate with the view to restoring sanity in society.

His commitment to the ideals of democracy and desire for the entrenchment of responsive and responsible central government endeared him to Nigerians and as a result, he was unanimously appointed National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP), and to the pride of the masses, giant strides he made. The movement later merged with the APC and ousted the People’s Democratic Party from power in 2015.

If there is a politician who understands the psychology of his people, it is Chief Eze. He is a master in the arts and science of political psychology.

Like a consummate politician cum journalist, Eze is an intellectual giant with a ready response to every piece that merits his esteemed attention, leaving every audience with a phrase that endures for life.

With limitless energy and public awe, he churns out articles on trending issues as though he had prepared them before the unfolding of events. The reading public can attest to the fact that Chief Eze has dazzled his contemporaries in the pen business.

A man with the heart of gold, Eze is an avowed philanthropist and lover of humanity who has impacted lives and livelihoods of families across the country.

As a guardian and censor of public manners, Eze is a regular antagonist to political sabotage and saboteurs, and as AMAECHI media War Commander, he has fought and won many battles against proponents of politics of smear campaign. He has also waged several campaigns of calumny targeted at the Transportation Minister with many trophies to his credit.

I was right, when I said Chief is making the APC, great.

Hear what Erudite PROF. NWACHUKWU had to say about Chief Eze.He said and I quote.

“Truth is, you operate with facts through research, based on insider_experience over years, add courage and fearlessness and the result is whom you are and perception of public about your inputs.

The game plan of most media especially, social media aides is to use lies and half truth to confound their victims, hoping that by the time truth is out, the objective would have been won.

Now, Eze, aided or not, wages a war plan that shoots down every single false attack.


I wish politicians realize this value and promote such practice. Else falsehood wear wedding gown to give birth to a generation of cheated minds and brains”. Erudite Prof. Nwachukwu

To corroborate the above assertion, Chief Eze, has through his media crossfire and bombardment raised the morales of the APC faithful in Rivers state by properly accessing and providing credible information that have sustained and toughened their confidence throughout the moment of their travails.

His media revolution is crafted and designed to effect a fundamental change in the political, social and economic life of Nigerians particularly, Rivers State and his watchword has remained “doing things right”.

His radical and constructive media defense for the APC is to ensure that those propagating falsehood and false information do not succeed, thereby creating conducive and proper information for the survival of the party.

Chief has provided enough quality and credible information as against the unfounded and baseless rumors against the APC and Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

Hear what this public analyst and commentator BENARD EZE said about Chief Eze.

He said and I quote “I will never cease from thanking and commending you for your wonderful efforts in building and sustaining the efficacy of the APC family in Rivers state and beyond. Chief sir, God will surely reward you handsomely for all you’re doing for the well-being of our party. God bless you sir”. Benard Eze.

May I assert categorically, that I am proud of his many political and media successes and exploits, the greatest glory at times is not in never falling, but in rising each time you fall.

By this connection I am  profusely thankful to God, for giving him, the strength and the grace to RISE each time, in defense of the RIVERS APC FAMILY.

I pray, as it also pleases God, to make him triumph over all vicissitude and travails, be they personal, social and political, as he has turned a nightmare to anti-APC group and haters of Amaechi.

Finally, Chief Eze, the Political/Media bombardier, is an encourager. May God continue to encourage him, as well.

Benson Nwachukwu is a Media Chieftain based in Ikwerre and can be reached through: 0806 341 4639

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