Chief Eze Commemorates The 12th Anniversary Of The Accident That Would Have Wiped Out His Entire Family

… Highlights the testimonies of Survivors.

“…Blessed be the Lord, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth.

Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.

Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”

The sweet excerpt above from Psalm 124: 6-8 succinctly describes the mood, gratitude, and words of testimony of Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, as he marks the 12th Anniversary of God’s special deliverance over his life and family from a ghastly motor accident that almost wiped out his entire family from the face of the earth.

In a statement circulated to journalists to mark the event, Chief Eze restated that, “the awesomeness of God is never in doubt! How He Secured the Lives of Evang. Ada Chioma Henrietta Eze, my wife and five of our children including our driver Musa in a fatal accident that involved my Jeep with a DAF Trailer not only testifies how Great our God is but how Merciful He can be towards His children.”

According to him, “This accident which occurred on the fateful day of 21st December 2011 when my family was coming back home for Xmas from Yola, the State capital of Adamawa State will ever remain a mystery to the world!!

He said: “Imagine an encounter between a trailer with a full load of flour with a mere Jeep; and instead of crashing and squeezing the Jeep as it is wont to be, it was the trailer that overturned and was destroyed. Instead of those in the Jeep crashing to death, it was the other way round!! Wow! Wow!! Wow!! Surely, we serve a Living God!!!”

Text of the statement reads: “To the Glory of God, today 21st December, 2023 marks the 12th Memorial of this great event. An event that if not for God, we would have been mourning the death of my guardian angel (Wife) and five of our God’s great gifts (our children) including our then driver Musa.


Eze highlighted those three days to this incident, “I sent one of our Company’s Drivers from my Port Harcourt base to Yola to convey my family to the village for that year’s Christmas celebration.

On this fateful day of this accident, I got a call from my wife around 1 pm with a shout that still rings in my head till date after many years of this incident that “The unexpected has happened”!

They are involved in a fatal accident with a DAF trailer.

I had to mobilize some Mopol and Staff of RiverDrill Ltd to accompany me to the scene of the accident with the help of Prince Tonye Princewill and Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who was the Governor of Rivers State then.

We traveled all the night and got to Cross River State where the accident occurred around 5am and picked my entire family – my wife and five of my children including the Driver back to Port Harcourt.

Sadly, and regrettably both the Driver of the Trailer and two of his boys died on the spot and the goods in the Trailer overturned with the front section of the Trailer damaging grossly.

Though the Jeep conveying my family was damaged beyond repairs none of the items, my wife and children was harmed except one of my daughters, Chioma whose eye was pierced and after six years of this accident pieces of the glasses that entered her eyebrow came out on their own by the Grace of God without any surgery.

It took many years before my wife could experience normal life particularly driving on the highway without the phobia of fearing any incoming Trailer.

I must use this opportunity to thank the family of Prof. Innocent Agu who had to stay back and assist my family during the accident.

I can’t fail to thank Tumbo our Chief Driver and his fellow Drivers including the security agents that guided us during our rescue operation.

Prince Tonye Princewill and Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi will continue to be my brothers no matter the odds for their assistance during this incident.

It will be foolish on my side if I fail to acknowledge God’s Hands in securing my family during this life changing experience.

This great deliverance is one of the greatest miracles of this century; for a Jeep to encounter a Trailer and those in the Jeep survived while both the Driver of the trailer and two of his boys were dead on the spot. Only God could have accomplished such a miracle.

To the Glory of God all those involved in this incident are still alive twelve years after.

It is an experience I do not wish for even my worst enemies.


According to my wife who witnessed the event, ” I always remember the 21st of December 2011 with chills but immeasurable gratitude to the Almighty God for His Deliverance of His people. What happened at Abochiche in Bekwara local Government, Ogoja in Cross Rivers State on that faithful day was beyond human comprehension and a pure demonstration of God’s supremacy and the Efficacy of the ‘Blood of Jesus Christ and the Authority In His Name ‘ over and above Principalities and Powers.

Our God can use anything to manifest His powers. He can use the weak things of this world to prove Himself mighty. Who would have believed that a mere back isle of a Honda pilot jeep was held by a small stone and that was what prevented the car from hitting a Massive rock that would have quickened our burial into a more than 100ft ditch.

I knew i died temporarily that day but the Able hands of the Almighty God encompassed me and all my children including the driver and all we had in that car. None of us was missing.

I saw all of us enclosed in a white glass water chamber until I heard the voice of my son Kelechi CHUKWUEMEKA-EZE calling out to me to come out fast as the car was about bursting into flames. That was when my consciousness returned.

The multitude that surrounded the scene of that accident never believed we emerged from the remains of the ill fated car. We were viewed as ghosts.

I remain grateful to the vessels God used to help us in the course of our ill fated journey -the unknown Okada Man that carried my daughters to OTOGBO CLINIC in Bekwara, the Shunamite Widow of Bekwara who assisted us with water and yams, The Good Bekwarian men and youths that helped to remove us carefully one by one from the car so that we will not enter the ditch, Dr. Otogbo and his team of nurses, Prof.&Mrs Innocent Ejimofo Agu and his family, His Excellency Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, His Excellency Prince Tonye Princewill, My beloved husband Chief Eze Chukwuemeka-Eze, His Excellency Prince Tonye Princewill’s Rescue Team made up of his best drivers and Mopol with Ambulance and Security buses.

I deeply appreciate my kind In-law and my Sister the wife in the person of Mr&Mrs Samuel Ekpe. You two will never miss your reward for the love you showered on us when we arrived your house in our very low spirit. May God never be far from u people in your times of need.

Dearly beloved of God, God is indeed good. There is power and Authority in Jesus Christ’s Blood and Name.

Let us be careful how we live our lives. Death is real. It does not give u time and venue where he wants to take u. Live consciously and be at Peace with all men.

I am God’s living Testimony of the Power of His Grace.

To Him be all the glory In Jesus Christ Name!”



In the account by my third child, Psychologist Celine C Chukwuemeka-Eze, “Today 21-12-2022 makes it twelve (12) years God saved myself and six (6) members of my family from a ghastly car accident. We are still thanking Him for the opportunity to be alive to fulfill our destinies ????

Who would believe that the occupants in the Jeep could survive a head-on collision with a trailer and those in the trailer died at the spot?

God has been so merciful and we do not take it for granted. Happy survival to myself and my family. May God keep comforting the family of those who lost their lives during the accident Amen ????

According to Pharmacist Eunice Nnenna Chukwuemeka-Eze

While my fourth child, Pharmacist Eunice Nnenna Eze who was amongst the occupants of that Jeep that survived the accident highlighted, “I was asleep when the accident happened and I had even exchanged seats with my sister Celine to sit close to the window because I was at the back seat. I was shocked and confused when I heard my mum and brother wailing and trying to get us to jump out of the vehicle because our vehicle nearly entered into a deep valley if not that our vehicle was held by a tree in front of us.

It is shocking because I would have fallen off the car because the door handle was already off but God kept me safe and I came out of the vehicle unhurt. When God isn’t done with you yet, nothing can take your life.

Pharm. Eze further stated, ” It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas 12years ago 21st of December 2011 when I, my Mum, Celine Augustine (my sister), Alfred Augustine (my only brother), Chioma Augustine (my sister), Grace Augustine (my sister) were traveling to our village for Christmas, the Unbelievable happened, we had a fatal accident with a DAF TRAILER till date this incident remains fresh in my memory because God came through for my family, saved us from the claws of death we were a pin close to meeting our Creator that faithful day if not for His intervention and I’m here today to still return all the glory to this great God that we serve for preserving our lives.
This year we made a YouTube video that captured our Near Death experience, God indeed should be feared the link to the YouTube video is here

Congratulations once again to my family for being Survivors, all praise and glory be to God for always coming through for us.
We love you Lord now and forever more????????????
Thank you


Alfred Kelechi Chukwuemeka-Eze Reacts

“I hit my chest severally on the car dash board and this accident made me more conscious of safety especially with wearing my seat belt. I thank God I am alive to tell the story.”

Chioma Henrietta Chukwuemeka-Eze Jnr whose eyes was pierced Reacts

“I am a testimony. I am a miracle. I was fast asleep only to find out I couldn’t open my eyes all I could hear was noises. My sister Celine tried to calm me down because I had splash of glasses on my eyes and was making arrangements to take me to the hospital and I am glad to be alive. God is good”.

The last Child, Grace C. Chukwuemeka-Eze Reacts

“All I can say is thank you Jesus for your love upon my life.”


Mrs. Monica Chidinma Ada EZE-ELECHI Reacts

“I wasn’t in the vehicle when the accident happened but I was cold and shocked when I heard my mum and siblings were involved in an accident because Dad and myself were waiting to receive them in the village but I thank God they all came out alive with the driver who almost died because his head was divided into two with his blood gushing like water.”




“I really got a premonition of something bad about the journey as early as 6.15 a.m. when we left Yola. The driver of the Honda Pilot Jeep, Musa was terribly reckless. He had a close shelve with death when he narrowly missed a herd of cattle at Mayo belwa. I tried giving him a hot chase to warn him because his speed was in the excess of 180 km/h. I did not catch up with him. My Sienna bus was very new, just 12 months old. Yet I could not catch up with him.
I had to call my sister-in-law, Mrs Ada Eze who was in the same Jeep.
“Please caution your driver, his speed is too much”. I warned. But all entreaties fell on deaf ears.

I then told Mrs Eze over the phone that we will refuel our cars in Wukari. Unfortunately, as I was entering the filling station in Wukari, Musa was driving out without as much as waving at me. We were supposed to be moving in a convoy. Again, I resorted to my cell phone. I told Mrs Eze that we would all rest and eat in Zaki Ibiam, Benue State.
When I drove into the gas station, the jeep was parked at a far corner of the compound. The children were eating from a cooler of jollof rice their mother cooked that morning. There was another cooler of soft drinks and iced blocks that kept the drinks chilled. My wife, who is Mrs Eze’s younger sister quickly brought her basin of fried meat and we all started feasting. But Musa was nowhere in sight. He had gone into a corner of the town to eat or smoke what I did not know. All I remember was that when he finally emerged, he was sauntering towards us with eyes as red as those of a rat caught in a trap. I spoke to him personally. ” Musa, you now drive behind me. We are taking a route known to me alone. So, I will lead the convoy.
He had no objections.

I made sure we maintained a reasonable speed to Katsinala, passed Egbema junction, Oshongo and Adikpo. All through our movement to Vandekeya, I kept Musa in sight through my rear mirror. But as soon as i entered Gakem, I lost sight of the jeep. I kept moving though at a reduced speed. There was a trailer coming in the opposite direction. His own speed was also not too good. I was wondering why the driver was moving at such a speed in a road that is as winding as a long snake. We passed each other. I looked at my rear mirror, the jeep was not there. I became apprehensive. My son said that they might have dropped to ease themselves. My wife said I should call her sister. By now I was very close to Bekwara junction.

I called Mrs Eze. Her phone was ringing. She did not pick. I called again. She picked but I did not understand what she was saying. I cut the call. I now called her son, Kelechi who responded promptly.
Uncle, reverse your car, we are involved in an accident.
I became a James Bond immediately. In less than ten minutes, I was back to Gakem.
Behold the jeep was hanging on the precipice of a culvert. That same trailer was on the other side of the road and blood flowing from the front seats like a broken water pipe. I quickly maneuvered my Toyota Sienna into a nearby compound. My wife was busy crying, calling her sister and her children. I dashed into the jeep and assisted in removing whatever remained there:persons and goods. I parked all into my car to a nearby clinic. After the first aid, I moved them to a hospital in Bekwara before coming back to pick my children. After treatment in the hospital, I went and moved the two families into a hotel save Musa who had some cuts on his head.

Meanwhile Kelechi and I were moving between the accident scene, the hospital, the palace of the chief and the police post.

We put a call to inform Chief Eze about the development. We also called Prof Nwaorgu who was providing medical advice to the medical personnel in Bekwara.

The trailer actually had a head-on collision with the jeep.
But what no man can explain till this moment is how the occupants of the trailer died on the spot whereas the driver of the jeep and his passengers survived.

It can only be a miracle.” Prof Innocent Agu

Mrs. Chimebere Agu Reacts

Mrs. Chimbere Evangelista Agu the junior sister to my wife, who witnessed the great miracle stated, “All glory and honor be unto the name of our Lord and savior. It pays to serve Jesus. And as you are serving Him, one should embrace in totality. And He will be there to shield you from the arrows of the enemy. And that God did on that faithful day at Gakem in cross river State.

My husband was in front leading the way because he is conversant with the road and my elder sister and her family following behind. At a point we could not see their head lights and we called Kelechi. He told us to turn back that there is problem .And immediately, we did that. Be hold it was a gory sight. A trailer carrying flour and my sister’s High lander Jeep were involved in an accident.
I nearly passed out. I saw Adeem( my elder sister) and the other Children but could not see Chioma. I ran to where the Jeep was hanging on the colvet and any little touch, it could have landed in in a ditch. God Almighty sent His Angels to hold the car there and no life should be lost. I looked for Chioma, I could not see her for the second time.And to my left I saw the dead bodies of young men. My heart was beating seriously. I was Shouting I can’t find Chioma ooo. I want to rush to the other side of the road. One man held me, madam don’t die oo, this is because I wanted to cross without looking very well. One woman said madam, there is one girl that had a cut near her eyes, she is there, maybe she might be the one you are looking for. The man now crossed over with me. Behold it was Chioma and blood was gushing out from her forehead.It was then they people there organized and took her to Dr Otobo’s hospital.

People were asking themselves, what kind of Juju are this people in the Jeep carrying? How can a Jeep have this kind of accident with a trailer and all the people in the Jeep survived and the ones in the trailer died?

I can’t forget what an elderly woman told them, she said and I quote, “They are not carrying any Juju or charms, God wants to use them to glorify himself” And that he did.

Deedem Emeka and Adeem, am still joining the host of heavens to say God you are worthy of our praise. Thank you God for safe guiding the lives of my sister and her Children. Thank you Lord for putting them in the hollow of your hands.

And I want to say for people who may come across this write-up, do good always when you have the opportunity. I think that was what God saw in my sister and decided to show up for her. I am aware that before that journey, she made alot of sacrifices and touched the lives of many people. She has been known for her charitable kind of life. And did not start today. May the mercies of God continue to speak for you and your family.

It may interest you people to know that where that accident happened was the first place bomb landed during the Nigerian biafran war. Gaken people in cross river State, may My God bless you for your show of love on that particular day. We appreciate you people sincerely.
In conclusion, he who is doing Good should continue, and he who is doing bad should also continue. God will reward each and every one of us according to our deeds.

Again let use learn how to drive safely without over speeding. Wishing all of us a pleasant Christmas celebration and a prosperous new year. Shalom”

In concluding this section, let me bring in my junior brother, Rev. Sam Eze and his reaction:

“With a heart full of gratitude and praise, I and my family join our family to reminiscence and give the One and Only GOD, who alone can save to the Utmost. We Praise, we Worship, we adore your most Holy name LORD. I’m not surprised but excited: Is HIS name not a TOWER of REFUGE , unto which the Righteous run and they are saved ?” Eze Sam Chukwuka – Rev.


Let me formally conclude this treatise by quoting the emotional message by our Mama General, Evang. Ada Chioma Henrietta Chukwuemeka-Eze Snr to our family this morning, “FAMILY!
I greet u all in the Name of the Lamb of God -The Messiah, Soon coming King, The Redeemer of The Whole world , The Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, The Light of The World And Life To those who believe In Him.
I also bow to The Almighty God my Maker and yours without Him there would have been no us and Greet us In His Wondrous and Fearful Name!
Today the 21st of December 2023 marks Twelve Years of God’s Deliverance to some of the members of this Family from a VERY FATAL ACCIDENT which I always recall with weeping and Trembling.
I have been awake since 1.05am pondering over this mysterious, uncommon Favour from the Almighty God. I know that just about this time 12years ago, i was awake and in Deep Trauma in Dr.OTOBO CLINIC ABOCHECHE IN BEKWARA LGA OGOJA CROSS RIVERS STATE while my husband and his rescue Team were on their way from PH.

As i continue Thanking The Almighty God for This intervention and returning all the Glory to Him, am still asking this House-
* Why did God Save us?
*What have this uncommon Favour taught u?
* What exactly are u doing now that God we look down and observe that will gladden His Heart and cause Him to do more good things for u?
*In what ways have u displayed gratitude to God since 12 YEARS OF UNMERITED MERCY.

*Pls take your Pen and Paper and write down all your activities u can remember (I know for sure we can remember a lot of them) . Objectively evaluate yourself.
* Award yourself mark!
*Does this score qualify u for another good thing from the Almighty God?
Judge yourself!
The clock is ticking and the Almighty God is taking records. Nothing and i mean NOTHING IS HIDDEN FROM HIM. Whosoever pays Evil for Good should await his/her reward.

Am not writing this to please anybody or score cheap credit but am led by the spirit of the LIVING GOD TO DO THIS.
I WARN each and every one of us this Day 21/12/23 (12yrs of God’s Grace upon this Family) to retrace your foot steps from wherever u must have gotten it wrong and ask God for Mercy. ”LET WHOEVER THAT CALLETH UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD

I plead for forgiveness to our great God who has continually demonstrated His EXTRAORDINARY LOVE for us and kept His COVENANT WITH US. Have MERCY LORD!
We celebrate u Father and Return All The Glory To You for This and Other Things Too Numerous To Mention which You Have Done For us.
Psalm 68v19:

Blessed be the Lord who bears our Burdens and carries us Day by Day,even the God who is Our Salvation.
V20- God is to us a God of Deliverances and Salvation, and to God the Lord belongs ESCAPE FROM DEATH.
V35- O God, Awe-Inspiring, Profoundly
Impressive, And Terrible
Are You out of Your Holy
Places, The God of Israel Himself gives Strength and Fullness of Might To His People.
Blessed be God!

We give Praise and Thanks to You, O GOD, We Praise and give Thanks. Your Wondrous Works declare that Your Name is Near and They who INVOKE Your Name REHEARSE Your Wonders.
For this God is Our God Forever and Ever. He will be our guide UNTIL DEATH.

Eze in conclusion pleaded, “As you join us to celebrate the goodness of God towards me and my family on this auspicious day, let me as well mention another mysterious event that also occurred in October, 2017 when a life bullet shot at my wife got neutralized by the Almighty God Himself!!

“The bullet instead of penetrating through the glass of the Jeep my wife was driving was instead spiritually forced to penetrate through the rubber holding the front row side glass of the passenger’s side. Imagine a life bullet to be held by a mere rubber without any harm to the car. The pictures attached explain it better.

Let me use this opportunity to thank most profoundly God Almighty and all the instruments he used to help me rescue my family on that fateful day. Mr. Tubonimi Wokoma and his team of committed human beings readily come to mind.

“In conclusion, my brothers, sisters, and friends, I implore you to join us once again to celebrate this great God for His Mercies Endureth forever.

“Merry Xmas and prosperous New Year to us all, AMEN.