Christos Church: “Higher And Better” Empowerment Seminar Kicks Off Aug 19

By Tony Eluemunor

……Queen Prophetess Naomi Silekunola Ogunwusi, Apostle Amos Deya, Australia’s Pastor Mike Barrett, and Bishop David Ogudu, the main speakers.

…..Over 50 needy persons will be empowered.

Saturday, August 19, and Sunday 20, 2023, the Christos International Worship Centre, situated at No 1 David Ogudu Avenue, off Kabusa Express Way, After Apo Primary School, Abuja (directly opposite a mega-hospital still under construction) will host a second mega-event of this year. This time, a major conference will be organized there to enable participants to live more physically, economically, and spiritually fulfilling lives. Those whose lives have lost every meaning will be helped to find a reason to believe in both God and themselves again, and those who have lost their economic mooring and are adrift in a sea of hardship and are in debt will learn how to re-energize their lives.

Those already doing well will be helped to achieve even more because there is no limit to human achievement. Most of all, people will be helped to learn to discover their talents and tap into them to find not only sustenance but to grow wings and fly. Free transportation has been organized to bring in participants from various parts of Abuja

Yes, they will be told how to navigate through the stumbling blocks of life and with the help of God, become successful socially and economically. Even those already devastated by a life of hard drugs will be helped to kick that habit and return to leading productive lives again. The very idea behind the conference, which is open to both members of the church and the general public, is to help people cope, and even flourish, in these harsh times.

The empowerment conference themed “Higher and Better” will help participants to become better in their endeavours despite the economic hardships prevalent in the country. Participants will learn new ways of weathering the economic storms, avoiding stress in these stressful times, in finding contentment and fulfillment while doing things in profitable and new ways. They will be taught how Christianity could help them maximize their potential to become elevated in their careers and businesses.

Dr. Bishop David Ogudu, Queen Prophetess Naomi Silekunola Ogunwus, Pastor Mike Berrett and Apostle Amos Deya

Dr. (Bishop) David Nwachukwu Ogudu, the General Overseer of Christos, explained that the conference “is a journey to excellent life, excellent living, destiny maximization (which will make people) to achieve much more than they had ever thought possible, and become role models to their generations”.

The main speakers include Queen Prophetess Naomi Silenkunola Ogunwusi from Nigeria, a women’s rights and empowerment advocate and an avowed antagonist against gender-based vices. She is the Founder of Women in Need of Guidance and Support (WINGS). Apostle Amos Deya from England, is another speaker, just like Pastor Mike Barrett from Australia, a renowned preacher of over two decades who partners with governments and organizations in ministering to the hurting, traumatized, and substance abuse victims.

Queen Prophetess Naomi Silenkunola Ogunwusi: She hardly needs any introduction as she is not just famous but is the kind of celebrity that has over 50, 000 followers on social media. She is comely – as in pleasurably conforming to notions of good appearance, suitability, or proportion. Glorious, lively pretty, gorgeous, ravishing, and even well-favored are the kinds of words commonly used by journalists to describe her … yet she has her feet steadfastly on this terra firma (firm earth) instead of in the clouds. Most of all, and this is the outstanding part, this decidedly gorgeous lady is a “Woman of God”.

Top L-R: Dr. Bishop David Ogudu, Prophetess Queen Naomi, Pastor Mike Berrett, and Apostle Amos Deya

She started having a good relationship with God at a very tender age, such that by age 30, she has run her ministry for 12 years. So, she started on that “for God and His Glory alone” route by age 18, which is quite remarkable.

She once said in an interview that before she got to know the Lord, she had some supernatural experiences. “However, at the age of nine, I gave my life to Christ and got baptized with the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues. I went through primary and secondary schools at the Akure Academy before I got admitted to Adekunle Ajasin University. I became popular there. I was going to be 18 years when I got God’s call to start my ministry formally, and I went into evangelistic ministry”.

She also runs an NGO, “Women in Need of Guidance and Support” which caters to the spiritual, emotional, and financial needs of women. “I have been instrumental in a lot of people’s successes. You will see 50-year-old people calling me their mother. They are calling me mummy because of the impact, I made in their lives. It is quite a lot,” she said.

In truth, she has many times engaged in empowering those in need, especially the widows and the down and out, and she has done this all across the country without minding where such needy people come from. She deals with such impartations very often and will empower people at this conference.

Apostle Amos Deya from England: He is a man for this generation touching lives in areas of generational curses and ancestral disorders. He is a pastor in the City of London and, this is most relevant here, he is an international Conference Speaker. He ministers and teaches the word with signs and wonders following in all his meetings. He is widely traveled in pursuing the Gospel of Christ.

Pastor Mike Barrett, from Australia: He is a renowned preacher for over two decades and he is the Founder of the Transformations Program that has turned thousands of lives around, rescuing them from Abuse, Homelessness, Addictions, and Mental Illness. And this has a direct bearing on this Christos’ event; he is also a well-known International Speaker and Evangelist and the Founder of Salt Recovery House.

He specializes in ministering to the hurting, traumatized, and substance abuse people. He partners with governments and organizations to help such victims regain their freedom. He empowers men and women through his preaching of the Cross to become their best in life. He believes that no matter how battered and shattered your life may be, God is still the God of second chances.

His Facebook account states “Evangelist Mike Barrett has a powerful testimony. A former Drug Enforcer and Drug dealer, Mike now moves in the power of God. After starting one of Australia’s most successful Drug Rehab Ministries in the late nineties Mike has spoken globally in over 20 nations, speaking to tens of thousands of people at a time. He travels where others simply won’t dare. From the slums of the Philippines to the Mexican border towns operated by the cartel, to war-torn Africa whilst inspiring and encouraging the wider body of Christ to win the lost at any cost”. This Saturday and Sunday, this same man of God will be ministering to Nigerians in Abuja – courtesy of Christos International Worship Centre

The Host/Convener and speaker also, Dr. (Bishop) Nwachukwu Ogudu, is the founder and Presiding Bishop of Christos International Worship Centre, an author of over 35 books and who produced audio bible in some 18 Nigerian languages that are still being downloaded from the internet for free. He is also President of Wisdom Training Centre, a Leadership Institute founded in 2004. He is a Prophet commissioned into self-discovery and destiny fulfillment through the word of prophecy, healing, and deliverance. Now he is going beyond that to help people discover how to maximize their three T’s; talent, time, and treasure instead of abusing or neglecting them. He said that many people have failed in life because they neglected their talents or were too afraid or too timid to dare to succeed.

He is a Prophet of God who got the divine commission in 2005 to start an outreach mission to the less privileged, and today he has an NGO that caters to the poor, and awards scholarships to indigent students.

This free and open seminar, to help enrich the lives of the people, is just one way of Ogudu’s saying that Christians should pray as hard as if their economic and social success depends on God and at the same time work as hard as if it all depends on each person because laziness is evil because the lazy person has refused to make use of his God-given talents and energy.