Understanding The Transformative Reforms Of The NSCDC Under CG Ahmed Audi

By Olufemi Lawson

In line with the law establishing the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps and subsequent amendments which enhances its capacity to provide protection, crisis resolution, security of public infrastructures, maintenance of peace and order, and the protection and rescuing of the Civil population during the period of emergency.

The Corp has over the years, struggled in its quest, towards increasing the capacity of its Officers and Men, in order to achieve these, set out objectives.

It is therefore remarkable, that the Corp, has remained committed, despite the numerous challenges confronted with, over the years. In an astonishing determination, towards fostering a more efficient and accountable Corp, the incumbent Commandant General of the NSCDC, Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi has undertaken initiatives that warrant both recognition and applause.

A few days ago, history was made, when the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, Command and Staff College, Jos, Plateau State, graduated about 280 pioneer set of staff course 01/2023 of the Corp.

The establishment of the College, under the leadership of Dr. Ahmed Audi, coupled with significant improvements in the welfare of men and officers of the Corp, underscores a commitment to enhancing law enforcement standards and the lives of those who serve the nation. 

The establishment of the Staff College, under the leadership of CG Ahmed Audi, signifies a pivotal moment in the advancement of the NSCDC. This institution stands as a testament to the CG’s vision of providing cutting-edge training to officers, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and ethical foundation required to carry out their duties effectively and professionally. By investing in modern training facilities and methodologies, the Ahmed Audi-led leadership of the Corp, has taken a significant step towards bridging the gap between theoretical understanding and practical application, thus elevating the caliber of law enforcement personnel across the country.

The transformative reforms led by CG Ahmed Audi extend beyond training facilities; they also encompass an enhanced focus on the welfare of NSCDC officers.

Recognizing the essential role that officers play in maintaining law and order and most importantly, the protection of Nigeria’s Critical National Infrastructures, the CG has championed changes that improve their quality of life. By addressing issues related to salaries, allowances working conditions, and housing, the CG has demonstrated a commendable dedication to valuing and supporting the Corp, a move that not only motivates officers but also contributes to the overall effectiveness and integrity of the institution.

The establishment of the Staff College and the improvements in officers’ welfare as prioritized by the Commandant General, are not merely isolated events; they have the potential to catalyze a domino effect of positive change. A well-trained and well-supported Corp translates to better crime prevention, more effective investigations, and a higher degree of public trust. By setting higher standards for recruitment, training, and conduct, the CG’s initiatives have the power to restore faith in our security agencies, encouraging collaboration between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

In a climate where law enforcement reforms are sorely needed, Dr. Ahmed Audi’s forward-thinking initiatives deserve praise and acknowledgment. His dedication to duty, even with the limited available resources, represents a significant leap forward in transforming the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC into a more accountable, professional, and respected institution. As these reforms continue to take root and yield positive outcomes, they serve as a beacon of hope for a safer and more just society for all Nigerians.

Betters’ days are surely ahead.


Olufemi Lawson, the Executive Director of the Centre for Public Accountability (CPA), sent this Piece from Lagos.