March 30, 2023

Ex-Urhobo Youth Leaders Rally Support For PDP Guber And Assembly Candidates

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At a gathering of Ex-Urhobo Youth Leaders Solidarity Frontiers (Ex-UYLSF), members held today, 15th of March, 2023 in Jesse, Ethiope West LGA & Amukpe in Sapele LGA, the Spokesperson of the organization, Comrade Onome Paul while addressing a cross-section of Ex-UYLSF members, said that in history of politics in Delta State, Urhobos have never been divided like this.

Comrade Onome Paul was speaking in response to members of the UYSF who came to seek advice from Executive members of the group on the way forward in this Saturday’s Gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections in Delta State.

Therefore, he asked the youths not to sit on the fence watching the system slip into decadence as the PDP has done well so far and that Sheriff’s candidacy is not a mistake at a time like this. He said if really those claiming to have facts against governor Okowa’s choice of selection meant well for the Urhobos, why now, after they have benefited from the said government and are now rejecting Sheriff just because the choice is not theirs.

Comrade Onome said, looking at sheriff’s antecedents in governance you could see his strength in the development strides of his area of influence while he was a Youth Leader in Osubi where he stood his grounds to see that the Airport in Osubi was built without deviation from standards set.

Furthermore, he said as Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, Sheriff has ensures that the House remained United while he has achieves the feat of the longest serving Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly.

He said as a candidate, Sheriff needs no introduction to his people and that they need to support a product of a system that doesn’t apply the sentiment of family relationship in choosing leaders, where everything must pass through his blood brother or cousin.

The leader of the delegation of UYLSF youths, Okorakpa Omovwera in his response said that on the issue on the Governorship of Drlta State, if the Urhobos are fair enough, it is clear that it’s the turn of Okpe going by the Urhobo District as it has not produced a governor out of the three federal constituencies of Delta State.

According to Okorakpa Omovwera on behalf of Ex-Urhobo Youth Leaders Solidarity Frontiers, Orogun Kingdom and Preslyn Ophavmejepha, Ex-Urhobo Youth Leaders Solidatity Frontiers, Udu Kingdom, the next gathering has been fixed for Wednesday in Ughelli North and the venue will be sent to members.

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