Fubara Will Not Resign; Eze Tells Akpabio Over His Discourteous Harangue At The Funeral Of The Wigwes

…Describes his Bitter Diatribe as Characteristic of his Loathsome Mannerism
…Cautious Him to Desist from Ridiculous Indulgences Capable of Disparaging the Exalted Office of Senate President
…Exposes Akpabio’s Mission over Rivers State
…Describes Okocha’s Attack Against Fubara as that Coming from a Demented Mind

“…By his statement, Akpabio intends the political war between Wike and Fubara to continue to water his mission which is, “keep Rivers State burning while Akwa Ibom take over development lead in South South….”

Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP) and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze has expressed a stinging rebuke to Senate President, Godswill Akpabio over his odious exhibition of crass pettiness at the funeral of a doyen of the banking industry and Rivers pride, Dr. Herbert Wigwe, his wife, Chizoba and son, Chizi, wherein he reduced what was supposed to be an atmosphere of mourning and sober reflection into a piffling political playground for throwing of irritably sullen and churlish jabbing.

In a statement made available to the media, the APC Chief said Akpabio’s pungent political jab which forced mourners and the entire civil society to recoil in distaste, was met with widespread opprobrium, securing the status of the Senate President as a rude, insensitive jerk.

Noting with disappointment how Akpabio has turned the 10th Senate into a comic centre, Eze expressed optimism that Nigeria and Nigerians will survive the reckless administrative setup of Akapabio and his colleagues who are only concerned about amassing wealth through ridiculously corrupt means like budget padding, unnecessary inflation of budgetary items and insertion of humongous sums not attached to any project as is the trend currently.

It would be recalled that during the funeral service, Gov. Fubara, in a solemn expression of a deep grasp of the nothingness of life, threw a rhetorical poser solely to elicit a sense of sober reflection on the congregant especially politicians who kill, steal and destroy to obtain transient power, which underscores the political situation in Nigeria. But in a swift response Akpabio engaged the Governor in an uncalculated confrontation, urging him to resign his position as Governor if there is no benefit in the office.

Eze quoted Governor Fubara while giving his remarks at the burial as saying: “…that takes me to the next question. This has to do with the political class. What is all this struggle all about? You want to kill, you want to bury. What is it all about?

“This is a man, he is not a politician. He made his money through us, our investment. He had the world in his palm, financially. He controlled even the political class.

“But today, with all the power financially, he couldn’t control life. Is it not enough for us to ask ourselves, why are we struggling?

“Why are we not making it happen in the life of our people? Please, political class, let’s go home with that question and reflect on it.”

“While the preaching was going on, I had this question that was going through my mind, it is, what is life all about?

“Yesterday night, we sang a hymn, ‘Fading away like that stars of the morning’, and I have concluded that life is not the one million years that you lived. But that even if we spent an hour, let the hour be impactful.

“Here lie our brother, his wife, and the son. Everyone has come to celebrate them. It means even the short period that he lived, he lived an impactful life. He had made a great contribution to humanity.”

The speech of the Governor, Eze said was hurriedly misconceived by the Senate President who was pricked and visibly unsettled by the Governor’s admonition, resulting in his uninformed, irrational reaction.

As a matter of fact, late Herbet Wigwe has literally conquered the world by achieving what Akpabio and his irks cannot achieve in their checkered political voyage of looting and diversion of public funds.

Eze highlighted that former Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo offered a precursor for Gov. Fubara’s admonition when he stated during the service of songs of the departed Wigwe thus: “Eternity is Real. This event has confronted me and many of us with our own mortality. One thing I will like you to know especially, the children. The manner of death is not as important to God; John was beheaded, Stephen was stoned to death, Elisha died of an ailment. What is important to God is the difference between dying and perishing.”

Governor Fubara by his statement understood the Book of Ecclesiastes 1-12 English Standard Version which exposes that all our efforts in this life are nothing but vanity.
Accordingly, Ecclesiastes Chapter One verse two states,
2 Vanity[b] of vanities, says the Preacher,
vanity of vanities! All is vanity while verses twelve to fourteen throw better understanding of what Governor Fubara was saying,

12 I, the Preacher have been king over Israel in Jerusalem. 13 And I applied my heart[f] to seek and to search out by wisdom all that is done under heaven. It is an unhappy business that God has given to the children of man to be busy with. 14 I have seen everything that is done under the sun, and behold, all is vanity[g] and a striving after wind.[h]

But sadly, my fellow Malabite, the Senate President, Senator Godswill Akpabio,
got it wrong by attacking the peaceful and harmless Governor of Rivers State by annoying his audience with his out of context and irrational political reaction.

According to Senator Akpabio’,
“What is the struggle all about? I will answer you.

“The struggle, we are not talking politics. In 2006 I wanted to be a Deputy Governor, so the then deputy Governor invited me and told me that this office has no money, there is nothing in it. I don’t know why you still insist on moving me from here and take over.

“So the woman who went with me, said ‘your excellency, then don’t wait for impeachment, just resign since there’s nothing in it’.

“And he stood up and started punching the woman, and I told him, your excellency, don’t punch her, she’s telling the truth. There’s nothing in the office that’s why I want it, because you’re too big for it.

“So your excellency Governor Fubara, if there’s nothing in the struggle, don’t struggle but resign.”

Eze wonders the nexus between Fubara’s speech and Akpabio’s unsolicited reaction which smacks of manifest unreasonableness. Asking Fubara to resign shows that Akpabio was on an evil mission at the funeral of the Wigwes. Akpabio intends to achieve for Nyesom Wike and his Abuja collaborators what they could not achieve, by igniting fire in the state to stall development.

By his statement, Akpabio intends the political war between Wike and Fubara to continue to water his mission which is, “keep Rivers State burning while Akwa Ibom take over development lead in South South.

Eze describes Akpabio’ as a desperate politician and power monger like Wike, who is ready to do anything in order to be in power.

Akpabio’s exuberated pettiness has added credence to the opinions expounded in some quarters that he is an arch-enemy of Rivers progress. It was same Akpabio who in 2021, at the heat of heavy protests by youths of Niger Delta against government abandonment of the dilapidated Akpajo-Onne section of the East/West Road, hired some road construction equipment and moved them to the road to create the false impression that works has commenced in the road. A few days after the protests were halted, Akpabio withdrew those construction equipment from the road. Same road he travels through to his state.

In a callous display of his hatred for Rivers people, Akpabio had during a ceremony in Tai Local Government Area, Rivers State made a vexatious, sarcastic and ridiculous remark regarding the 2027 governorship election in Rivers State. In at event, he asked Wike to look for a replacement for Gov. Fubara.

It is indeed ridiculous to learn that the Senate President has inveigled himself into a situation in which he finds himself as a willing mercenary in the hands of evildoers, to sow the seed of discord through very provocative comments that should least be heard from an occupier of the exalted seat of Senate President.

Reeling into how Akpabio started his mission of fighting Rivers State and the political fortunes of Rt. Hon. Barr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as the central figure of South South politics,
Eze said the former Akwa Ibom Governor set himself in collaboration with Wike and others to see how Amaechi can be politically destroyed making himself the ultimate political leader of the South South.

He started by instituting crisis in Amaechi govt by supporting Wike to use five misguided Lawmakers then to start off impeachment process against Amaechi.

Amaechi ignorantly allowed Akpabio to plant those five Assembly members that terrorized his government in his second term and used them to destabilize his government.

They could not succeed in getting Amaechi out of the way and by the time Amaechi decided to breath life into the formation of APC both Akpabio and Wike swore to get Amaechi destroyed for bringing the broom movement to the South South and funny enough, the duo are the ones deciding the fate of APC in Nigeria at the moment; a scheme they did everything to destroy at her formation, courtesy of their friends from Lagos who shares their vision of destroying Amaechi.

Sadly enough one demented Tony Okocha the Rivers State Chairman of Group of Betrayers (CGB) is ignorantly supporting Akpabio in his destructive agenda against Rivers State and attacking Governor Fubara who is a divine tool to free Rivers State from the shackles of a drowning Emperor but I am happy that Rivers State is gradually coming to terms to knowing their true friends and enemies

Urges Rivers State and her people to continue to ignore the likes of Akpabio, Okocha and their likes and focus on how to support the State Governor to continue with his developmental programs for the State