Ijaw Women In America Cry Out Over Grave Conditions Of Flood Victims In The Niger Delta

…..urges Nigeria, International Community, and NGOs to Rescue Victims

The Ijaw Women in America have raised the alarm over the worsening living conditions of endangered flood victims in the Niger Delta.

The National President of the Ijaw Women of America, Mrs. Eunice Apreala, made the desperate call in a statement on Thursday.

The appeal raised the alarm that the raging flood has killed over 600 people with millions displaced from their submerged homes.

She called the attention of the international community to the devastation caused by the flood and the precarious living conditions of the flood-endangered people of the area.

Mrs Eunice Apreala

The IWA President lamented that the current flood disaster has displaced over three million people mostly women and children with homes and crops submerged.

She said “Over 600 people are dead, and millions of people have been displaced due to the recent flood Disaster.

We, the Ijaw Women of America Incorporated (IWA), bring to the world’s attention the recent flood across Nigeria that has left many lives and properties in a devastated state, particularly the Ijaw people in the Niger Delta region.

“Over 3 million people, mostly women and children, have been displaced! All their homes and crops have been submerged in water. Yet no state of the Federal Government has declared a state of emergency on this troubling development.

“ It is noteworthy that this neglected area produces the lion’s share of all the oil used to keep the Nigerian economy afloat.

“Our people have been left hungry and hopeless, wading through dangerous waters and wandering the streets since these unforeseen circumstances occurred over two weeks.”

She stated further that aside from those that have drowned, the helpless victims are now forced to battle for space with dangerous reptiles like crocodiles and poisonous snakes.

Appeal lamented the isolation of the affected communities now desperate for food and relief materials from other parts of the country by the flood whose water level is said to be rising.

“Furthermore, poisonous snakes and other dangerous reptiles swim in the Ijaw communities’ shoreland. People are being bitten and killed by these dangerous animals daily.

“All the access roads leading to these communities and their farmlands are currently nonexistent as they have been swept away by the flood.

“Our people are crying for help! Our people are dying! How long will the world continue to watch and see our people lose their precious lives? How long will our government fold its hands and allow innocent children to die needlessly by their inaction?

“I plead with all persons both local and foreign to come up with aids in support of our people. We are crying for help; we don’t want to lose one more life, every life is important and their destiny needs to be fulfilled.” She added

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