August 13, 2022

June 12: Joe Okei-Odumakin Criticizes President Muhammadu Buhari’s Speech

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The President of Women Arise, Dr. Joe Okei Odumakin has criticized President Buhari’s Last Democracy day Speech.

According to a press release on Sunday, June 12 2022 signed by Dr. Joe Okei Odumakin, she said that the President’s observation of the primaries presents a different reality.

“While there was no thuggery, perhaps for obvious reasons, the reports of dollar rain must be just as bad. Fiscal violence must be correctly interpreted and its implications made explicit by a retreating political force like a Nigerian president. Buying elections like this worst our leadership processing system and potently promises a disastrous economy when eventually handled by delegate distributors marketers, she reiterated

An excerpt is the full text of the press release:

President Buhari’s Last Democracy day Speech.

There appears to be no departure from the usual perfunctory efforts at presidential functionality.
However, President Buhari’s mention of MKO Abiola and other activists as heroes of our democracy is almost novel. That June 12 actually was a turning point in birthing enduring democracy…the president was almost believable.
Yet, what gives the game away must be where the president situated while the massive sacrifice he mentioned was going on. He was on the side of Sani Abacha who symbolized the blockade against democracy.
Even today that he had been dressed in the robes of “a born again democrat”, when there should have been benefit of the doubt, maybe some measure of remission, it is still not feasible as he stoutly defends the fiend who maimed, killed, detained, destroyed ,stole and stood against democracy.
Putting victims of terrorism in our thoughts and prayers is always a disappointing utterance. The Constitution does not reckon with prayers as a president’s function. It saddles the president with the task of securing lives and properties of citizens. But it is too late to change a 7-year habit. We must now look ahead.
It is not worthwhile to patch the security system of Nigeria. Thinking outside the box and applying creativity is the way. Starting with State Police.
On the women surge in participation, one does not share the president’s enthusiasm. There should be more than one potential female Governor. What we need is equity guaranteed by the Constitution. In any case, the president’s “other room ” speech seems more believable than his current enthusiasm on political feminine ascendency.
In assessing the degree of sincerity here, we must recall two vital statements among many around election.
1. The remote control speech.
2. The shoot on sight speech.

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