Nigerian Pilot Holds Its 4th Annual Awards And Lecture Series

DOM Communication, publishers of the Nigerian Pilot Newspaper will be hosting its 4th Annual Awards and Lecture Series on April 29, 2021 to celebrate personalities and citizens of Nigeria who have been noted for very significant achievements in various fields of endeavour.

The Board of Editors of the newspaper has confirmed that the annual event will recognise citizens across the strata of society who have been remarkable in rendering service to the nation in various spheres of life in the society.

In this regard, recognition will be extended to the high and low in the country who have contributed to the growth and development of the socio-economic fabric of Nigeria while also promoting the peace, unity and progress of the nation.

Dialogue between contending parties in the nation’s body politic will help to build confidence and trust among the different ethno-religious segments of our diverse society; enlarging the scope of the consolidation of the mantra of unity in diversity as it relates to the national question. Arising from this, the theme of this year’s Awards lecture is “Food insecurity and the challenges of farmer herders conflicts in Nigeria : Resolving the generic causes.”

The Board of Editors believe that this theme captures the present tension that has engulfed our dear nation and the urgent need at resolving it amicably.

This event which promises to consolidate the effort of the federal and state governments in fostering the unity of the country is being managed by Red Sapphire Nigeria Ltd, a renowned event manager in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

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