Obi Explains CKC Odili Statement

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi clarified his statement in Port Harcourt, Rivers state last Thursday misconstrued by some mischief-makers to mean that former Governor of River state Peter Odili was his classmate.

Obi-Datti Media office put the question to the LP Candidate, “Your Excellency, you are being quoted to have said in Port Harcourt that Former Governor Odili was your classmate, did you really say that?

“I couldn’t have said that Former Governor Odili was my classmate, I said that he was a great footballer in my school that we all cherished and had a good memory of his football exploits when we entered the school.

“I was in CKC from 1973 to 1978 and Dr. Peter Odili left before I entered the school. He was such a fabulous footballer whose image still loomed large even in our time especially when my primary school was very close to CKC.

“The truth is that the primary school I attended Santa Maria school/Holy Trinity School were both owned by the same Catholic Church that owns the Christ the King, CKC, Onitsha. In fact both primary schools were feeder schools to the CKC and large number of pupils that passed through them ended, up in CKC for secondary education.

Therefore, Obi’s remarks which were wrongly interpreted only showed that he and Odili and other prominent Nigerians went to the same CKC Onitsha and remain alumni of the school.

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