Osun Guber Poll: False Observer Reports, Media Trial Can’t Change Peoples’ Will – Osun PDP

The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has berated the coordinated plot by the defeated All Progressives Congress (APC) to explain away its woeful loss at the July 16 governorship poll through sponsorship of fake security reports, unfounded petitions, and spurious election monitor reports to undermine the credibility of the elections.

In a statement by the office of the State Caretaker Chairman, Dr Akindele Adekunle, the PDP rebuked the APC and Mr. Gboyega Oyetola for its increasing resort to media trial of the petition it wilfully submitted to the election tribunal, asking why the APC has suddenly developed cold feet in pursuance of its false submissions before the Tribunal.

The PDP posited that in a spate of one week, the APC has deployed several tactics ranging from the declaration of insurgency war on Osun people, plot to burn down Osun INEC office, spurious petition to move the tribunal sitting to Abuja, and now sponsorship of falsified election analysis by paid agents masquerading as election observers, submitting that “media trial is an insult on the judiciary that has demonstrated readiness to discharge its responsibilities without fear or favour.

“In a reprehensible bid to subvert the will of the people, anti-democratic agents have revived their tyrannical pens to churn out vile articles which will in future hunt them as men and women who deploy their intellect in service of anti-people agenda. Full of bile and hate, their anger at electoral loss has beclouded them to the reality that this is a democracy and the governorship of Osun state is not a birthright of anybody.

” We are aware that the APC’s resort to media trial and the cacophony of fake election monitor reports are designed to blackmail and stampede the judiciary. We hasten to add that Osun people have decided and no amount of trick will subvert their will,” Dr Akindele said in the statement.

“As much as we do not want to join issues with anyone, we must restate our firm resolve to stand by the decision of Osun people in the July 16 governorship poll, which was resoundingly acknowledged by well over 30 observers, both local and international, to be transparent and reflect the will of the electorate.”

“We are well aware of the desperation of the APC and so, not surprised that it will fancy anything that can sustain its illusion that it did not lose the election. The victory freely given to our party and candidate, Senator Ademola Adeleke, has come to stay and we want to warn the APC to desist from promoting any information that could ignite violence.

“Osun people watched their mandate stolen in 2018 and will not entertain any idea of that happening again. Since the APC/Oyetola has filed a petition before the Tribunal, we advice them to go before the panel to pursue the mirage of not losing and stop polluting the public space with misleading information.

“We therefore charge Osun people to be on guard and be prepared to resist any plot by the APC to make mess of our democracy with its incessant culture of stealing mandate.

“For us, as a law-abiding party, we reiterate our respect for the judiciary and have faith in it pushing back any devilish attempt to deny the people their rights to decide who leads them”, the statement concluded.

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